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Ina Garten Returns to Instagram With This Decadent Peach Pie Recipe

Ina Garten is back on Instagram! After taking a short break from posting to the platform — Garten’s last post was a black square in honor of #BlackoutTuesday — the Barefoot Contessa made a welcome return to yesterday with a weekend baking project that looks like it’s worth every bit of effort. Heading into the weekend, Garten made a gorgeous lattice-crust peach pie that’s perfect for summer and gives us another reason to indulge during this stone fruit season.

“Weekend project! I made a lattice-top Peach Pie that may be the best peach pie I’ve ever made. I added orange zest and orange juice, which makes the peaches taste..well..peachier! Have a wonderful weekend! Peaches from @thesistersmarketco Recipe link in profile. #staysafe,” the celebrity chef wrote.

Hey, if Ina Garten says this is the best peach pie she’s ever made — and we’re guessing she’s made a few in her day — count us in!

Before heading out to the grocery store to pick up your weekly essentials, here’s a brief overview of the ingredients to stock up on to give you and your family a sweeter way to squeeze in your five a day.

You will need two-and-a-half pounds of ripe peaches (approximately six large peaches), an orange from which to grate a half-teaspoon of the peel, and one-fourth of a cup of its juice. Aside from the fresh produce, you’ll also want to make sure you have essential baking ingredients on hand, such as all-purpose flour, sugar, eggs, butter, and cornstarch.

Start by referring to Garten’s Perfect Pie Crust recipe to make the base, and preheat the oven to 400 degrees. For the filling, a medium boil water pot of water and then cook the peaches in it until the skins will easily peel off with a knife. Place the cooked peaches in a cold water bath to stop the cooking process. Cut up one peach in half-inch chunks, set it aside, and chop the remaining peaches into one-inch wedges.

Use a small saucepan to combine the diced peach and orange zest and juice with the listed amounts of sugar, cornstarch, and butter. Simmer the mixture for a couple of minutes until it is thick before combining it with the peach wedges and a couple of tablespoons of flour.

Then, assemble the pie with the lattice-top design and bake it for 45-60 minutes. Remove the pie from the oven once the pastry is browned and the filling is bubbly. Let it cool to enjoy and serve warm or at room temperature. See the full recipe here.


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