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9 Grocery Stores That Are Better Than Costco (According to Some People)

Food & Wine released their list of the top 10 supermarkets in America, and — get ready to clutch your pearls — Costco barely made its way onto the list. Not even Trader Joe’s made it into the top five!

H-E-B topped Food & Wine‘s list of the best supermarkets in the U.S., thanks to Texans’ deep loyalty to the hometown favorite supermarket chain with more than 340 stores throughout Texas and Northeast Mexico. Rounding out the list? Costco, with another cult favorite, Trader Joe’s, ranking No. 8.

“From the roving band of mariachis enlisted by one store manager at the height of the panic buying phase, to a useful assistance program for customers trying to access federal stimulus funds, to the mid-crisis launch of an initiative selling prepared foods from top regional chefs like Chris Shepherd, the home of Here, Everything’s Better, a store nearly everybody already liked, did the most possible to lock down Texans’ undying affection,” Food & Wine wrote about H-E-B, which technically stands for the chain’s founder, Howard E. Butt, but also stands for the store’s slogan, “Here Everything’s Better.”

Popular New York-based grocery store chain Wegmans came in second place — and for good reason. What shoppers love about the chain with more than 100 stores scattered across seven states is its superb customer service, how they treat their own employees, and, of course, the grocer’s prices and unique selection of baked goods and prepared foods. Devoted shoppers have even created a term to describe themselves, “Wegmaniac.”

Of course, the list wouldn’t be complete without Costco and Trader Joe’s. Food & Wine applauded Costco’s response to the coronavirus pandemic — requiring masks, limiting the number of shoppers in-store, and more, all while continuing to operate its food court, even if with an abbreviated menu — and highlighted Trader Joe’s one-of-a-kind products and competitive prices. But, it wasn’t enough to get these two popular stores in the top five.

Here’s Food & Wine‘s full list:

  1. H-E-B
  2. Wegmans
  3. Hy-Vee
  4. New Seasons
  5. Market Basket
  6. Lidl
  7. Winco Foods
  8. Trader Joe’s
  9. Publix
  10. Costco

Read the full report here.

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