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Gummy Bear-Flavored Grapes Exist & You Can Get Them at Trader Joe’s

Your Fourth of July weekend just got a bit sweeter. Fruit is already considered nature’s candy, but now that’s getting even closer to reality, thanks to the limited-time appearance of a yummy grape. And no, we’re not talking about Cotton Candy grapes — although those are amazing. No, we’re talking about an equally sweet variety that’s currently being sold at Trader Joe’s: Divine Flavor’s Gummyberries grapes! The grape variety was promoted yesterday by Trader Joes List, an account dedicated to curating the best and latest finds from the beloved grocery chain.

“🚨NEW🚨NEW🚨SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. The internet is about to break over this one. Gummy Bear 🐻 flavored grapes!!! Fingers crossed I can snag one of these before they disappear!! 📸 @thesnacksoflife” read the caption. Not everyone was excited about the find — “I think I will pass on this one,” one skeptical commenter wrote — but the majority of the followers who replied seemed to be as excited as we are about the new non-GMO verified and organic arrival in the store’s produce department.

Last week, the recommendation page also shared that the grocer restocked its customer-beloved cotton candy grapes. This hard-to-find variety also is sold at big box stores like Sam’s Club.

Whether you’re looking to take your grazing table to the next level or find a new healthy snack to sneak more vitamins in your kids’ diet, don’t sleep on this exciting new find. The Divine Flavors website shows Gummyberries grapes being available mainly in May and June — so start shopping while you can still (hopefully) snag some!

Before you go, check out our slideshow below:

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