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Trader Joe’s Podcast Reveals 6 New Products Hitting Shelves Soon

The latest episode of Trader Joe’s podcast Inside Trader Joe’s may be their shortest one yet, but it’s chock-full of new product mentions — many of which are already available in stores and a handful of others that are expected to hit TJ’s shelves later this month.

Earlier this week, Trader Joe’s released its latest Fearless Flyer, and it listed a ton of new and returning summer-staple products, from their refreshing Organic Jalapeño Limeade and Watermelon Cucumber Cooler to their sweet-tart Lemon Chess pie and rule-breaking Patio Potato Chips. Now, we have even more products to look forward to dropping in our cart this month, including a unique cookie baking mix, Chocolate Chip Hold the Cone!, new beauty products, and more.

“We have so many new products coming in, and we know that customers love getting a heads up on new products,” Miller said.

Take a look at the new products hitting TJ’s this month below, and take a look at the products mentioned in this month’s podcast episode that are already available in stores here.

Corn Cookie Baking Mix

Image: Trader Joe’s.

Some Trader Joe’s stores are already selling this baking mix, but if yours isn’t, it will soon.

TJ’s Corn Cookie Baking Mix, $2.99, is comprised of sugar, flour, corn meal, corn, baking powder, and salt. Mix with one large egg and two sticks of unsalted butter, and you have a fresh, intoxicating batch of corn cookies.

“It’s like the best part of cornbread and the best just sort of really simple sugar cookie and putting those two things together but in a sweet cookie that’s not overly sweet,” Miller says.

Almond Beverage Chocolate Bar

This isn’t the first time Trader Joe’s has hinted at this chocolate bar, but now we’re that much closer to its arrival.

“Think of milk chocolate made with dairy milk. This is made with almond beverage and it eats just a classic rich creamy sweet chocolate bar,” Sloan says. And according to Miller, it’s the best milk chocolate bar she’s ever had in her life, “even though it doesn’t have milk in it,” she says.

Strawberry Hand Cream & Sugar Scrub

Following the release of their cucumber avocado body butter and their watermelon facial mist and overnight face mask, Trader Joe’s new strawberry hand cream and sugar scrub will soon hit shelves — “probably middle of June, end of June,” Miller says.

Chocolate Chip Hold the Cone!

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You’ve tried the peppermint and pumpkin ginger flavors. This summer, it’s chocolate chip’s turn. And when the Chocolate Chip Hold the Cone! does hit shelves, grab ’em when you see ’em because, according to Sloan, they may be a “limited edition type of thing.” “I won’t be surprised if they make a repeat appearance, though,” he adds.

Saddle Chips

Expected to arrive, well, now is Trader Joe’s Saddle Chips. “So think of the tall, narrow cylinder canister that a type of potato chip might come in. These also do and you’re getting warmer. The shape lends itself to rigid organizational lining up or stacking up or saddling up or something. So we call them saddles,” Sloan jokes.

Before you go, check out our complete ranking of Trader Joe’s cold brew coffees in the gallery below:

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