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Here’s How Costco Pizzas Are Made & It’s Mesmerizing

If you haven’t peeked behind the scenes of Costco’s food court, you’ve been missing out, because behind the lines and the oversized menu is where all the magic happens, including a truly mesmerizing pizza-making process.

With Costco reopening its food courts for takeout only, it’s only a matter of time before you find yourself waiting in line to order a few slices of their famous pizza and a handful of hot dogs to-go off their limited menu. And as you wait in line, you might find yourself wondering, how do they make their whole cheese and whole pepperoni pizzas perfect every time? Well, fellow Costco shopper, thanks to @costcodeals on Instagram, you’re about to watch the magic happen.

“So #mesmerizing!!” @costcodeals captions the video that shows spinning dough get a fresh layer of sauce via a robotic arm with a sauce dispenser. “I feel like this should be in a Mr. Rogers episode where he visits the @Costco food courts to show how Costco pizza is made lol.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve gone behind the scenes of Costco’s food court, though.

Thrillist took a trip to Costco a few years ago to get the delicious deets on all things Costco pizza. To start, the dough (purchased from a Brooklyn-based distributor and delivered daily) rests and proofs before its layered in olive oil. It’s then flattened and pressed with 130 degrees of heat for seven seconds by a machine.

Then comes the sauce, which was perfectly planned out, Thrillist reports. “The machine ensures that each pie receives the perfect amount of tomato sauce, which is covered all the way to the crust in a [mozzarella/provolone] blend … so the sugars in the sauce don’t burn.”

Even placing the pepperonis is meticulous. Exactly 60 pepperoni slices are placed on each pizza and arranged in a “four-three-two-one formation.”

Finally, each of the three types of pizzas are placed in specific ovens programmed with their own, respective cooking times.

And that, my fellow Costco food court frequenters, is how a Costco pizza is made.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below:

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