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Ina Garten Grills Her Steaks With a Glass of Red in Hand, Because Of Course

“I used to be terrified to grill,” starts Food Network chef and star Ina Garten in her latest tutorial. “I’ve got these gorgeous steaks — they’re really expensive — and I was sure I was going to overcook them.” But, Garten continued, the day she met one of the owners of Lobel’s butcher shop in New York changed her grilling ways forever. And today, she’s decided to pass down her knowledge to us mere grilling noobs, just in time for Memorial Day, too. So, grab a bottle of red wine (it is an Ina Garten tutorial, after all), and let’s all gather around our screens to learn how to grill a perfect steak every time à la Garten.

To start, Garten has two rules: One, the New York strip steaks must be 1.5 inches thick; and two, your grill must have one side with hot coals and the other side kept cool with no coals at all.

Next, rub the steaks with oil and a spice mixture — one that Lobel taught her — comprised of brown sugar, chipotle pepper, hot pepper, red pepper flakes, salt and pepper.

When you’re ready to sear your steaks — and make sure they’re straight out of the fridge! — you’ll sear ’em for two minutes exactly on each side. This is so precise, Garten even sets a timer in the video. “It’s a great time to pour a glass of wine,” she says as she waits for the steaks to sear.

“Grilling and drinking wine, it’s my favorite activity.” Ours, too, Garten; ours, too.

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Image: Ina Garten/Instagram. Ina Garten/Instagram.

Once the searing is done, move the steaks over to the cool side of the grill. Put the lid on, and cook the steaks for exactly eight minutes if you want it rare and 10 minutes if you want it medium.

“Perfectly cooked every time, and what’s amazing is I really trust it. So, I’m not nervous when I’m doing this,” Garten says. But what we’re more focused on? The polished-off bottle of wine.

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Image: Ina Garten/Instagram. Ina Garten/Instagram.

Now that’s how you grill.

Get the recipe at Barefoot Contessa.

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