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Giada De Laurentiis’ One-Skillet Brunch Recipe Is Perfect for Dinner, Too

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been cooking way more meals at home lately (and doing a ton more dishes) than usual. And while we love a tasty pasta dinner as much as the next person, there’s only so many nights in a week when we want to eat yet another bowl of penne followed by 30 minutes of scrubbing pots and pans. So, how can we shake things up? This week, we’re feeling inspired by a recipe Giada De Laurentiis posted on TheGiadzy Instagram page: a one-skillet Sunday brunch.

Breakfast-for-dinner is basically a universal kid-favorite, but this one-skillet recipe is heartier than your usual pancakes and a grown-up (but still approachable) twist on eggs — which is why we think it’s the perfect dish to shake up your boring weeknight meals while cutting down on dishes to boot.

Cubed potatoes add heft and starch, and there’s the classic addition of bacon and eggs for protein. But we really love that De Laurentiis tosses cubes of salami into her skillet. The salami adds a new dimension of flavor to the whole dish. As it sizzles in the skillet, the spices and seasonings from the salami infuse the potatoes and veggies with flavor.

Speaking of veggies, we like what she throws in the mix. Red bell peppers add a tender sweetness, onions provide a fragrant background, and sauteed spinach gives a pop of green to the dish.

If that’s still sounding too traditional for you, De Laurentiis’ unique seasoning blend will change your mind: she finishes the dish with a sprinkle of ground nutmeg and adds orange zest for a hint of spicy warmth and zingy citrus that keeps the flavors of this skillet tasting bright, not heavy.

Serve with a mimosa (or two!) and this brunch skillet is the breakfast-for-dinner dish of our dreams. We wouldn’t say no to some red velvet pancakes for dessert, either.

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