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Costco Is Changing Its Entry Policy Again — & We’re All Ears

We’ve been keeping a close eye on what’s going on at Costco these days, not just because it makes sense to shop for essential items in bulk when we’re trying to make as few trips to the grocery store as possible, but also because their in-store policies during the coronavirus pandemic have been changing frequently. Now, it seems, things are getting closer to normal — although they’re not totally back to normal yet — at the warehouse giant. Earlier this month, Costco announced it was reverting to normal opening hours, and last week, they brought pizza slices back to the food court, much to the delight of hungry shoppers everywhere. Now, the store is making another change: Costco is no longer restricting entrance to their stores to two people per membership card.

For the past couple of months, Costco was only allowing two people per membership card to enter their stores, which put a strain on a lot of parents who needed to get groceries and other essential items but didn’t have childcare.

Now that many states are loosening business restrictions, Costco is following suit and opening their doors to more shoppers — unless you live in Kentucky or Puerto Rico, that is: Costco stores in those locations are only allowing one shopper per membership card.

The store is still taking measures to make sure guests stay safe. Shoppers are required to wear masks unless they’re under 2 years old or have a medical condition that makes it impossible; there are special operating hours for seniors and those with disabilities; and the sit-down area of the food court is still closed.

Safe shopping for the whole family is something we can all look forward to. Maybe now’s the time to finally get that Costco membership so you can take advantage of the Costco Memorial Day Sale.

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