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Costco Is Finally Bringing Back This Food Court Favorite

Costco has long been our favorite store to shop at when we need to stock up on everything from baby food to footwear, but one of our favorite things to do when we visit the discount superstore is stopping at the food court. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, Costco has had to make some big changes in recent months, and they stopped serving some of our favorite food court items, including pizza by the slice. But lately, we’ve gotten some good news. Not only will Costco stores be returning to regular operating hours (just don’t forget to wear your mask!), they’re also finally going to start serving pizza by the slice again. Yes!

For the past few months, the food court has limited their menu, serving only whole pizzas and hot dogs. But if you’re just stopping in for a quick shopping trip and realize you need to eat a quick lunch, an entire pizza isn’t exactly what you’re looking for. A single slice, though? That’s just enough protein and carbs to fuel you through the aisles of Costco so you can fill your cart with items your family needs.

According to Instagram user TheCostcoConnoisseur, slices of pepperoni and cheese pizza will be available for take out at the Costco food court again, along with hot dogs, whole pizzas, and soda. It’s a reassuring sign that things are slowly returning to normal, and that’s probably thanks to a lot of the new safety measures Costco has in place to ensure that their employees and customers are staying healthy in these trying times.

There’s no telling when, or if, other Costco food court favorites like the chicken bake will return, but in the meantime, we’re happy enough to be able to snack on a hot slice of pepperoni pizza on our way home after an exhausting shopping trip.

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