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Frog Bread Is the Latest Tik Tok Cooking Trend We Can’t Get Enough Of

A rose by any other name may smell as sweet, but does a bread by any other name taste as good? We’re talking frog bread, the latest Tik Tok cooking trend, and we’ll be honest, at first, the name threw us for a loop. Is this bread…made from frogs? Is it made, even more confusingly, for frogs? Okay, we’ll admit, we over thought this one. Frog bread is the simple art of making loaves of bread, trendy sourdough or classic yeast-raised, that look like frogs. Hey, we’re all a little bored right now, and then Frog Bread hopped into our lives and inspired a whole new baking trend.

@bigcharloPHROGUE BRED FROG BREAD FROG BREAD ##frog ##bread ##frogbread ##happy ##fyp♬ Gumball – reggiefisher15

The baking trend is also popular on Twitter, with users posting their own homemade loaves that range from adorable to kind of horrifying. Apparently, frog bread now joins the tradition of crocodile bread, a type of sweet bread baked in Indonesia and shaped like, you guessed it, a crocodile.

Some people are making enormous loaves of frog bread, some are making li’l frog bread rolls, and some enterprising bakers are making both.

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If you want to make your own frog bread, just make sure to choose a bread that has a firm dough. You won’t be able to make a frog shape with something like focaccia dough or a no-knead loaf, but you could definitely try it with something like challah, or even bagel or pretzel dough.

Then, just shape your dough into…well, the shape of a frog. The trial and error aspect is part of the fun of making frog bread. What goes into the oven looking like a frog might end up coming out looking like a monster from the swamps of hell, but at least you’ll have found a way to kill a few hours of quarantine boredom, and the end result is extra carbs to snack on, which is always a win in our books.

Need more baking inspiration? Then check out our gallery of Ina Garten’s most delicious bread recipes, below. 

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