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Giada De Laurentiis Found a Way to Make Dalgona Coffee Even Better

We’re definitely the “don’t talk to me before I’ve had my coffee” kind of people, but when you can’t go out to a cafe and get someone to make your coffee for you, you’ve got to find ways to make it at home. Some homemade cold brew always hits the spot (and it can be made ahead of time, which is a total lifesaver), but on days when we miraculously find ourselves with a little extra time in the morning, we like to go full barista. We’ve already tried dalgona coffee, the whipped, iced drink from Korea that’s taken social media by storm, but wouldn’t you know that Giada de Laurentiis, one of our favorite chefs, has taken it upon herself to improve upon the recipe?

As usual, de Laurentiis has found a way to put an Italian spin on the recipe. Her Italian dalgona iced coffee swaps instant coffee granules for instant espresso powder, which give it a richer taste. Giada whips the espresso powder with sugar and hot water with a hand mixer until it becomes fluffy and lightens in color. Then, she adds lemon zest, which gives the drink a fragrant citrus flair without upping the acid in the drink (espresso is often served with a twist of lemon zest in Italy), and whips for another minute until the mixture is ultra-thick and can be floated on top of a glass of the iced milk of your choice.

If you can’t wrap you mind around the idea of coffee and lemon together, de Laurentiis offers two alternatives. She says you could try using cardamom or cinnamon instead, to bring some warmth to the drink. Either way, this sounds like the perfect way to add a little culinary class to a drink that’s usually made with instant coffee.

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