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Jimmy Kimmel Shared the Pasta Recipe His Kids Love & It’s Surprisingly Healthy

Parents, you know the struggle — getting kids to eat their healthy food is HARD. It often requires hiding secret veggies or smothering everything in so much cheese that kids can’t taste the healthy stuff underneath. Well, late-night host, Jimmy Kimmel developed a new healthy recipe that his kids actually love: Pasta Tina. Luckily, he just shared the recipe with all of us on his Instagram account.

Pasta Tina gets its name from pastina which Kimmel calls a “starter pasta”. While this recipe was originally made with pastina, Kimmel says any small pasta will do and in the demonstration he posted to Instagram, he uses cavatappi.

The star ingredient in this recipe? Cannellini beans. First, Kimmel uses a hand blender to blend the beans into a paste right in the can, then he infuses some olive oil with three cloves of garlic by tilting the pan on its side and propping it up with another pan.  Jimmy, we love your use of garlic, but we are concerned about your questionable practice of infusing the oil with garlic. Kids, please don’t try this at home.

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Image: Jimmy Kimmel/Instagram.

Next, Kimmel removes the garlic cloves and pours in the blended beans. He adds some concentrated chicken stock for extra flavor and then combines the mixture with the cooked cavatappi. Genius!

The best part? For the last step, Kimmel tosses in a hefty handful of parmesan cheese and he makes sure to clarify that that non-refrigerated green bottle of “parmesan” you usually find in the pasta aisle does not count. It has to be real parmesan cheese — preferably from an Italian grocer. And that’s it! The whole meal comes together in under 10 minutes and most of the ingredients are things you probably already have in your pantry. Thanks for the recipe, Jimmy!

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