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Healthy Choice Announced a Massive Frozen Meal Recall — Here’s What You Need to Know

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been stocking your freezer with easy to heat-and-eat meals so you can cut down on trips to the store. We usually try to stash away at least a few that are on on the healthier side, but now we’re rethinking our strategy. That’s because Healthy Choice just announced that they’ve recalled 130,763 pounds of their Healthy Choice Chicken Feta and Farro Power Bowls because some of them have been found to contain small rocks. Like we don’t have enough to worry about right now!

The voluntary recall was issued by Conagra Brands, Inc., and the United States Department of Agriculture on April 10th. Apparently, several customers complained to the company about finding small rocks in their meal. How does that even happen?

Luckily, though Healthy Choice has 22 different Power Bowl flavors, the only one being recalled is the Chicken, Feta, and Farro flavor. They come in 9.5 ounce cartons in the frozen aisle. Check your packaging for those that have a best by date of October 19, 2020, and that are labeled “P115” next to the lot code. The products were shipped nationwide and to Canada, so be vigilant about checking your stash no matter where you live.

If you do happen to have a few of these meals tucked away in your freezer, throw them out. They are not safe to eat. And, if you think that you may have eaten one and are concerned, call your doctor just in case.

You can also contact Conagra directly if you want to get more information about the recall, identifying the recalled products, or want to get information about refunds. The number there is 800-672-8240.

Not so sure about loading up on store-bought freezer meals anymore? Don’t worry – these homemade make-ahead freezer meals have your back, no small rocks included.

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