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Panera’s Family Feast Is Here to Save You From Cooking Burnout

Have you been stuck inside for weeks, cooking every meal from scratch, working your way through years-old bags of dried lentils and other pantry staples, and only popping a treasured frozen pizza in the oven when you’re feeling really desperate to not cook that night? If so, you’re not alone. Many of us have been doing way more cooking (and dishes) than usual lately, but sometimes, you just need a break. Panera knows that, which is why they’re introducing their new Family Feast meal just at the time when some of us are ready to break under the pressure of cooking every meal at home every day.

Panera’s Family Feast meal includes enough food for the whole family. You’ll get two kids sandwiches, two half sandwiches, a whole salad, a family-sized mac and cheese (their mac and cheese is UNREAL, btw), and a whole baguette, all for $29. You can even add four chocolate chip cookies for dessert for an extra $4.

You can order your meal on the Panera app or on their website, and they’re even offering free delivery through April 30th when you use the code FREEDELIVERY during checkout.

A no-cook, no-fuss meal delivered to your door for free sounds pretty amazing right now.

That’s not all they’re offering currently to address customers’ changing needs. You can also take advantage of Panera Grocery, and order things like milk, bread, and produce along with your meal. It’s the perfect way to stock up if you don’t feel like braving the grocery store, or if your local market is still out of essential items. Dinner and groceries in one simple, free delivery sounds like a good deal to us.

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