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Chrissy Teigen & Luna Share Their Brilliant Hacks for Making ‘Gooey, Stretchy’ Rice Krispies

Let’s be real: Right now, at this unprecedented juncture in world history, comfort food is king. And ICYMI, Chrissy Teigen is its queen. So, when she and her adorable daughter Luna Legend decided to share their Rice Krispies recipe hacks this weekend, it goes without saying we took note. And by “took note,” we obviously mean we put the ingredients on our “next-time-you-go-quarantine-grocery-shopping” list so we can make these treats ASAP.

On Saturday evening, Teigen took to Instagram in her typical ensemble of a towel (how does she get it to stay?!) to whip up a fresh batch of Rice Krispies. Her baking assistant, Luna, sat on the table as her mom assembled some of the ingredients. And, sure, we should probably give John Legend a little shout-out, too — judging by the photos Teigen shared, he was integral in the melted marshmallow transfer process.

So, what do Teigen and Luna do differently when they make their Rice Krispies to make them special? “First rice krispies! We do less than the full amount of cereal and add peanut butter chips. Also make sure to fold in mini marshmallows that aren’t melted at the end. And don’t press into the pan! We want gooey, stretchy pieces.”

Okay, so let’s dissect, because that’s four clever Krispies hacks: (1) halve the cereal called for, (2) add peanut butter chips, (3) fold in mini marshmallows at the end and (4) don’t press into the pan. Also, she doesn’t mention this, but videos shared to her Instagram Stories reveal two additional facts: that a surplus of butter is yet another lovely part of Teigen’s Rice Krispies repertoire, and that Luna goes heavy on the peanut butter chips.

There’s nothing worse than Rice Krispies that feel “dry,” so we wholeheartedly approve of Teigen and Luna’s tricks. Halving the cereal ensures the treats stay super-duper marshmallow-y, as does adding extra mini-marshmallows in at the end (surely all that butter can’t hurt, either). And, c’mon, peanut butter chips? Yum. Of course, this step could easily be skipped for those who have nut allergies.

Teigen doesn’t spell out the exact recipe she uses, but we’re going to assume you can start with the standard recipe that can be found on Rice Krispies Cereal boxes (which you can find here). Then you’ll want to incorporate Teigen and Luna’s hacks.

There you have it — the mystery of how to get “gooey, stretchy” Rice Krispies, solved! Now, if Teigen would just tell us the secret to her impossibly perfect towel wrap, we’d be set.

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