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Ina Garten’s Quarantine Cocktail Recipe Legitimately Made Us LOL

In the middle of a crisis, we look for joy in any of the small moments we can find, and one of the reasons why we love Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa, is that she clearly does too. Not only has she been sharing her favorite cozy, pantry-friendly recipes with us on her Instagram feed, but she’s also determined to keep one aspect of civilized life going even while we’re all stuck inside: cocktail hour. Demonstrating her commitment to keeping the tradition of the evening tipple alive, Garten recently posted a big batch cocktail recipe on her Instagram page that we are absolutely *living* for.

First of all. We wouldn’t normally make a woman’s appearance our very first talking point, but can we just all agree that Ina’s curly hair in the video looks AMAZING?! Usually, it’s straight when she appears on TV, but this natural, wavy look is totally working for her. Give me a hand-tousled, air-dried coif and a cozy oversized button-down and I would truly be living my best quarantine life (but a 3-day-old messy bun and constant pajamas works too, I guess).

Secondly, you have to admire that even in the midst of a pandemic, Ina is not willing to compromise on flavor.

She fills a beautiful glass pitcher with all of the ingredients you need to make a giant batch of Cosmopolitans. The first ingredient? A big bottle of Grey Goose Vodka, then a cup of Cointreau. That’s followed up with a cup of cranberry juice, and some freshly-squeezed lime juice. Now, lest you be tempted by that plastic lime-shaped bottle of lime juice in the back of your fridge, think again — Ina says that using freshly squeezed lime juice is very important.

From there, Ina shakes her cocktail in a massive shaker. You need to shake it for 30 seconds, but as Ina says, “you have lots of time, it’s not a problem.” Truth bomb alert.

Then Ina takes out a martini glass. A GIANT MARTINI GLASS THE SIZE OF HER HEAD. We legitimately LOL’d when she brought the giant glass out, and most delightfully, it looked like Ina was trying hard not to laugh at her own joke.

But perhaps our favorite moment of the video was this soundbite: “During a crisis, you know, cocktail hour can be almost any hour.” Hey, if our favorite domestic goddess says it, it must be true! Now all we need is a giant martini glass…

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