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Ina Garten is Sharing Her Favorite Pantry Recipes On Instagram & We’re Already Drooling

Is there anything more comforting than binge-watching the Barefoot Contessa and imagining that you’re one of Ina Garten’s friends that get an invite to her Hamptons home for an effortlessly elegant dinner, complete with custom flower arrangement and cocktail. Well, these days Ina’s not exactly scrambling to have people over, but she is full of good news lately. First, she announced that she is moving up the release date of her next cookbook, then it was announced that the next season of Barefoot Contessa will begin in less than two weeks! And on top of all that, Garten has been sharing her favorite pantry-friendly recipes on Instagram so that even while we’re self-isolating, we can still eat well. Between these pantry recipes and Ina’s most delicious bread recipes, it looks like the Barefoot Contessa is going to keep us busy in the kitchen while we’re cooped up at home.

1. Jam Thumbprint Cookies

You can use any jam you have on hand to make these cookies, and they’re a good way to use up that bag of shredded coconut you’ve had in your cupboard seemingly forever.

Get the recipe from Barefoot Contessa

2. Easy Tomato Soup

This recipe is endlessly versatile – Ina didn’t have cream, so she left it out, and if you don’t have saffron just add some more pepper.

Get the recipe from Barefoot Contessa

3. Roasted Applesauce

If your apples are starting to turn, whip up a batch of Ina’s roasted applesauce. You can use it as a side dish with latkes or pork chops, spoon it over oatmeal or greek yogurt, or serve it topped with ice cream for dessert. You can use a combo of apples and pears, or just one of the two, depending on what you have in stock.

Get the recipe from Barefoot Contessa

4. Stewed Tomatoes & Lentils

Those canned tomatoes and dried lentils that have been staring at you finally found their recipe destiny!

Get the recipe from Barefoot Contessa

5. Broccoli & Bow Ties

The sauce for this pasta is super simple – you just need lemon, butter, garlic, and olive oil. Ina didn’t have bow ties OR broccoli, so she swapped in cavatappi and broccolini, and you could use any pasta shape and any green veggie too (even frozen veg would do well here!).

Get the recipe from Barefoot Contessa

6. Penne alla vodka

Did you stock up on a little too much vodka? Well, Ina has a great use for it with this penne alla vodka recipe. It’s super easy and if you don’t have penne, you can substitute whichever pasta you do have in your pantry.

Get the recipe from Barefoot Contessa

7. Spanish Pea Soup

You know those bags of frozen peas that are just sitting in your freezer and will probably never be used? Ina has a delicious way to use up all of those extra frozen peas and turn them into a delicious and healthy soup that even your picky eaters will love.

Get the recipe from Barefoot Contessa

8. Hummus

Eight cans of garbanzo beans sounded like a great deal during your Costco haul but now you’re staring at them wondering how you will ever use that many beans. Luckily, Ina has a hummus recipe for exactly that.

Get the recipe from Food Network

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A version of this article was originally published March 2020. 


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