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Chrissy Teigen Just Posted Her Controversial Girl Scout Cookie Rankings & We Can’t Deal

There are few things on earth we hold in our hearts more dear than the boxes of Girl Scout Cookies we stock up on once a year from the adorable aspiring salespeople that wait for us outside of grocery stores, banks, and other public places. They can tell by the feverish look in our eyes as we walk past that we’re going to be putty in their hands once the shouts of “Girl Scout Cookies!” reach our ears. Sure enough, we find ourselves stocking up on their cookies, and somehow snacking through our supply faster than we thought humanly possible. But not everyone falls under their spell. It turns out that Cravings superstar Chrissy Teigen doesn’t like Girl Scout Cookies at all, and her ranking of the best flavors honestly broke our hearts a little.


Um, I’m sorry. How could Thin Mints, Tagalongs, or Samoas put a frown on ANYONE’S face? We weren’t the only ones shocked by Teigen’s harsh review. After getting a lot of pushback on Twitter, she released a new, slightly more generous ranking…”the ranking system if NO other cookies in the world existed.” Um, harsh!

That Tagalongs placement literally hurts our hearts (though we’re going to keep our mouths shut about the S’mores cookies).

Here’s the thing. Girl Scout Cookies aren’t perfect. But they’re better than so many other store-bought cookies! What other brand of Thin Mints has the same deep chocolate flavor, the same snap, and the same cooling, minty taste (especially when frozen?).

Where can you even get a cookie-like Tagalongs (Peanut Butter Patties), with a base of shortbread, a thick layer of not-to-sweet peanut butter, covered in chocolate? The closest we can think of is Nutter Butters but really the only thing they have in common with Tagalongs is the peanut butter.

Samoas (Caramel deLites) are crispy, caramelized delights topped with chocolate and toasted coconut. Our one improvement? They could use a little more salt. That balance would definitely set them over the edge.

As for Trefoils (Shortbread), they’re an oldie but a goodie. They may lack the buttery depth of, say, a Walkers shortbread, but their crispy, crumbly texture and mild, sweet biscuit taste makes them the perfect accompaniment to a cup of tea, coffee, or cocoa.

Still, everyone is entitled to their opinions. And Teigen did emphasize that it’s not about the cookies – she’s happy to support the Girl Scouts, even if she does find their offerings to be lackluster.

If you find yourself in the same boat, many of the replies on Twitter reminded Teigen that she can simply donate to the scouts selling cookies — you don’t actually have to buy any of the sweets. Others mentioned that cookies could be purchased and given to women’s shelters and food pantries, or sent in care packages to soldiers stationed abroad.

Overall, one thing seems clear – no matter what your opinions are of the actual Girl Scout cookies, the organization itself is one that’s definitely worth supporting.

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