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Kylie Jenner Revealed Everything She Eats in a Day & Holy Cow, That’s A LOT Of Bone Broth

We usually say “the stars — they’re just like us!” but when it comes to the Jenner-Kardashian clan, that couldn’t be further from the truth. So when Kylie Jenner revealed in a recent video with Harper’s Bazaar everything she eats in a day, we were surprised. Other than the fact that she apparently sips on bone broth literally all day long, she eats a lot of the same types of foods we do.

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Jenner starts her day with a mug of bone broth that has lavender and lemon added or freshly made celery juice. She’s trying to cut back on coffee and tea, but when she does indulge, she opts for peach tea or a vanilla iced latte made with oat milk.

Jenner and her daughter Stormi usually eat the same breakfast. Stormi’s favorite breakfast foods are blueberries, turkey bacon, and bagels — apparently, Stormi likes bagels so much, Jenner has actually heard her talking about them in her sleep! If that’s not relatable, I don’t know what is.

For lunch, Jenner likes to keep things interesting — she doesn’t like having the same thing to eat every day.

She’ll opt for something like lemon chicken with veggies, one of the salads from Los Angeles-area chain Health Nut (or their tuna sandwich on wheat bread with lettuce), but sometimes she has specific cravings — one of her lunches included a steak burrito, rice, and enchiladas.

When Jenner travels and is ordering food from the hotel, she’ll usually order something simple, like lemon chicken and veggies with white rice, or a kale salad with jalapeno and croutons.

For dinner, Jenner will either cook up a healthy meal for her and Stormi, or she’ll opt for sushi. Jenner loves sushi and eats it frequently – her favorites include yellowtail sashimi, albacore, and spicy tuna on rice cake. The only thing she *won’t* try from a sushi restaurant are things like squid, octopus, or anything else with legs or tentacles.

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Jenner’s favorite snacks run the gamut. She loves classic munchies like Barbecue Lays, Chili Cheese Fritos, and Extra Cheesy Goldfish, but she’ll also go for healthy snacks. She loves pomegranate seeds, sips on bone broth all day long (she drinks two large jars of it a day), and also likes to order miso soup by the liter. That’s a lot of savory broth for one gal, but if it works for her, it works for her!

Her favorite alcoholic drinks are Corona Light with lime, white wine (she likes a Pinot Grigio), and the occasional shot.

All of this sounds pretty relatable tbh! But one thing we just can’t get behind? Jenner’s stance against late-night snacking.

In order to curb her late-night cravings, she locks herself in her bedroom, gets super cozy, and sits back to relax with one pre-sliced apple. That way, she has no choice but to eat the apple if she gets hungry, and she’s too cozy to get up and get anything else.

Girl, we say GO FOR IT. Raid your fancy person pantry and indulge — you only live once! Then again, Kylie Jenner is a multi-millionaire, so maybe she knows what she’s doing a little more than us. At least we know that if we were ever trapped in her mansion, there would be BBQ Lays hidden somewhere in the house for us to munch on. You can check out the full video below.

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