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Starbucks Finally Brought Back One Of Its Best Winter Beverages & Introduced a Brand New One

With pumpkin spice latte season far behind us, and the peppermint mocha fervor of the holidays in the rear view as well, picking a special drink from the Starbucks menu as a treat can feel like a challenge. We don’t want to switch back to plain iced coffee just because Santa’s gone back to the North Pole and the ball has dropped in Times Square. Thankfully, Starbucks is keeping the celebration alive this January, with the return of the smoked butterscotch latte.

The smoked butterscotch latte features Starbucks’ signature espresso and steamed milk combined with smoked butterscotch sauce, and it’s topped with a sprinkle of smoky butterscotch topping to finish. The drink is smooth, with smoky, buttery caramel notes, and surprisingly isn’t overwhelmingly sweet. If hot drinks just aren’t your thing, you can try it as an iced latte, or go all out and get a smoked butterscotch Frappuccino, which basically tastes like a coffee-infused milkshake.

If you don’t have a Starbucks near you, they do have a ready-to-drink option that will be available in stores. It’s the new brown butter caramel frappuccino chilled coffee drink, which comes with a splash of cold brew and features nutty, caramelized brown butter notes and a light sweetness. Each bottle is just $2.95.

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Image: Courtesy of Starbucks.

These beverages are just two of the latest options for you at Starbucks. They’ve also rolled out a new selection of vegan, dairy-free beverages, featuring coconut milk, almond milk, and oat milk.

Joining these beverages are a few new coffee bean options, part of the limited-time Starbucks Passport Series.

Choose from Starbucks® Sun-Dried Ethiopia Sidama, a dark roast coffee from Ethiopia that has flavor notes of berries and milk chocolate, or the Starbucks Kenya medium roast, an acidic brew that brings to ming pomegranate and grapefruit.

Whatever you choose, Starbucks is making the new year deliciously exciting, thanks to their latest beverage options.

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