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Chrissy Teigen Has the Perfect Meal Idea for That Weird Time Between Christmas & New Year’s

The time between Christmas and New Year’s is a weird one, not just in terms of work (if you didn’t take the time off), but also in terms of food. For one, your fridge is basically drowning in ham leftovers, so you’re stuck making ham fried rice and ham-and-cheese omelets and any other recipe you can toss ham into as a supporting character. At some point, though, your taste buds need a break from the salty protein, and Chrissy Teigen has just the recipe, Southern crab cake sandwiches.


Posted on Cravings by Chrissy Teigen, Teigen’s mouthwatering Southern crab cake sandwiches look incredible — and do not skimp on flavor. The ingredients include everything from Crystal Hot Sauce and Worcestershire sauce to minced chives, Dijon mustard, and one pound of lump crabmeat. But before you pick up any ‘ole crabmeat from the grocery store, Teigen has a solid “supermarket lesson” for choosing the right crabmeat, usually found in the fresh fish case at your local grocery store.

“It comes in little tubs in different levels of lumpiness. In other areas of life (think mattresses) lumpiness isn’t a goal, but with picked crab meat, it is. The general rule is, the larger the lumps, the pricier the crab. So while ‘jumbo’ will cost you more, really any kind is good here,” Teigen writes.

Instagram user @marieohrenich, however, chimed in with a hot tip — one that garnered more than 100 likes from Teigen’s followers.

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Image: @cravingsbychrissyteigen/Instagram. @cravingsbychrissyteigen/Instagram.

“I always use jumbo lump crab,” she wrote. “When you buy smaller size, you have a greater chance of shells in them. I’ve learned my lesson to buy the bigger ones. No shells.”

Before you touch and fry the crabmeat, let it chill in the fridge. This allows the meat to bind together without having to add a lot of bread crumbs and other fillers. “This means more pure crabby flavor, which is almost as good as cake by the ocean,” Teigen adds.

Teigen’s Southern crab cake sandwiches take 45 minutes to prep, but make sure you have an extra hour to spare to allow the crab cakes to sit in the fridge for one hour. When it’s time to cook, you’ll fry the crab cakes in a large skillet for four minutes each side. As you’re frying, preheat the broiler. Once preheated, you’ll broil the lightly buttered buns for one to three minutes. Assemble the sandwiches, and you’re ready to eat!

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