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LaCroix’s Newest Flavor Has Us Dreaming of an Italian Vacation

New year, new LaCroix — and next year’s new flavor does not disappoint. Last year, LaCroix introduced the divisive hibiscus flavor; but in 2020, the popular sparkling water company is adding even more citrus to its lineup with the summertime-appropriate limoncello, an Italian lemon liqueur.

“The Extravagance of Delicious!” LaCroix captioned a photo of their vibrantly designed limoncello-flavored seltzer water — or, LimonCello, as they style it — set against a backdrop of Italian shoreline. The new flavor is set to launch in early 2020 and while we’re still not certain how it will taste different from their current lemon flavor, we’re definitely excited to try it out.

Following the announcement of limoncello, LaCroix took to Twitter to reveal two new flavors now available in Canada: tangerine and key lime.

LaCroix even launched its holiday shop this week. As part of the shop, the brand will give away different LaCroix merchandise, from a Pamplemousse glass cup and a variety pack of LaCroix to pins, socks, and more, to lucky winners throughout the month. Submitting’s easy, too; just add your contact information on LaCroix’s holiday shop page.

New LaCroix flavors are typically few and far between. When LaCroix introduced hibiscus in May, that was a solid two years after the company updated its flavor lineup with the addition of Key Lime in 2017, if you can believe that. So, let’s hope the sparkling water brand will keep the momentum rolling in 2020 — especially considering sales were reportedly in “free fall” earlier this year, according to Bloomberg, and that other companies have been steadily introducing their own sparkling water to the market. The competition’s stiff, but maybe LimonCello can put LaCroix back on top.

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