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Trader Joe’s Finally Sells White Claw, But There’s a Catch

You can finally put a stop to those two-stop grocery store runs because Trader Joe’s finally carries White Claw. And while we aren’t — and haven’t been — against picking up the other spiked seltzer options found at TJ’s shelves up until today, like the Shell House and Bon & Viv, we have to admit there’s nothing quite like the Claw.

White Claw was spotted four days ago by one of many Instagram accounts dedicated to Trader Joe’s, Trader Joe’s Gang. “White Claw has made its way onto TJ’s shelves!” @traderjoesgang wrote. “I found them to be $1-$2 more expensive than other grocery stores, but I’m still excited about it.”

A White Claw 12-pack was priced at $15.99 at Trader Joe’s; at Target, however, you can pick up the same product for $14.99; and at Walmart, they’re even cheaper at $13.48.

According to Food & Wine, Trader Joe’s started stocking the spiked seltzer with a cult following last month. Before you sprint over, though, keep in mind that White Claw is only available at TJ locations in 13 states, including Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New York, Texas, and Washington. No word on if Trader Joe’s will expand into other states, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

The arrival of White Claw at TJ’s follows news of the more than 80 brand-new holiday products currently available at Trader Joe’s. On Episode 19 of the Trader Joe’s podcast, the hosts revealed that last year, the store carried a whopping 472 holiday products; but this year, they’ve increased to 484 products, 84 of which are new to TJ’s.

“A walk through Trader Joe’s this holiday season is going to reveal all kinds of savory truffles, umami truffles, the kind that you got to dig under the ground for,” says Tara Miller, director of “Words and Phrases and Clauses” at Trader Joe’s.

New products include oven-baked cheese bites with black summer truffles, truffle powder seasoning, snowman hot chocolate, an ornament cookie kit, hot chocolate hot cocoa cream liqueur, pimento cheese puffs, and more.

Looks like your next TJ’s run will have you leaving with a cart full of seasonal products — and even more White Claw.

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