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The Most Googled Recipes of 2019 Are Not At All What We Expected

We use Google for just about everything, but especially when we’re trying to look for fun new recipes. How *does* one make cauliflower pizza crust? Should I be dry-brining my keto roast pheasant? We also tend to use it when we’re trying to fix a recipe — like when trying to fix food that’s too salty, or like that time the lid fell off of the cayenne pepper and we accidentally made dinner way too spicy. But it turns out that the most Googled recipes of 2019 are actually kind of surprising — people were searching for simple, home-cooked comfort food.

We hear so much about food trends and new fad diets that we just assumed the top recipes on Google would be out-of-the-box dishes that people were trying to figure out for the first time. But their search results prove that the enduring classics are what have captured our hearts this year.

The top five recipes searched for on Google in 2019 were shepherd’s pie, chicken parmigiana, ham glaze, charoset, and snickerdoodle cookies. Other than charoset, a sweet fruit and nut relish or spread eaten at the Passover Seder, none of the most-searched-for dishes are tied to a specific holiday or time of year. They’re just simple, stick-to-your-ribs recipes that have stood the test of time.

Want to try some for yourself? These are our favorite versions of the top three most searched for recipes on Google.

1. Shepherd’s pie with onions and cheddar

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Image: Leite’s Culinaria. Leite's Culinaria

A traditional shepherd’s pie is made with ground lamb, not beef — if you’re using beef, that makes it cottage pie (who knew!). This recipe takes the simple, classic recipe to flavorful new heights, thanks to the addition of caramelized onions and cheddar in the potato topping. It comes out of the oven with a golden brown and slighting crispy potato topping, with juicy seasoned lamb and veggies beneath.

Get the recipe from Leite’s Culinaria

2. Ham with fig and date glaze

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Image: Simone’s Kitchen. Simone's Kitchen

If there’s one universal truth about ham, it’s that it tastes divinely good with sugar. There’s something about that salty-sweet combo that always has us going back for slice after slice. A ham glaze that you brush over your meat near the end of cooking gets sticky and slightly caramelized. Instead of going with the usual, boring brown sugar, this glaze is made from a blend of fig-date vinegar and honey, with a bit of Dijon mustard in the mix to add some tang.

Get the recipe from Simone’s Kitchen

3. Instant Chicken Parmesan

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Image: Real Mom Kitchen. Real Mom Kitchen

If you’ve ever had an intense and sudden craving for chicken parm, you may know the feeling of panic that comes with it. Do you *really* need to set up a three-bowl breading station and get a pan of oil sizzling hot before you can enjoy your dinner? No! Thanks to this recipe, which uses frozen breaded chicken patties, you can go from craving to feasting in just about a half-hour, without all of those dishes to deal with when you’re done eating.

Get the recipe from Real Mom Kitchen

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