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Ina Garten & Jennifer Garner Teamed Up for a Great Cause & Shared a Genius Baking Hack

On Nov. 12, pals Jennifer Garner and Ina Garten teamed up to not only whip up Thanksgiving dinner, but to also share their culinary tips, tricks, and hacks with attendees — and each other. The special Thanksgiving event was for the Walmart Community Table initiative at Calamigos Ranch in Malibu, where the pair also met up with Walmart chef Mark Emery and World Food Championships winner Lidia Haddadian.

As part of the Walmart initiative, Garner and Garten, with the help of their aforementioned friends, hosted cooking demos and made traditional Thanksgiving and holiday dishes, including apple crisps, sweet mashed potatoes, Brussels sprouts, and stuffed turkey with gravy, for about 150 members of local nonprofit organizations and their families. Organizations include Save the Children, YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles, Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, and Special Needs Network Inc.

“@inagarten and I had a blast serving families of @lafoodbank, @ymcala, @specialneedsnetwork, and @savethechildren with #WalmartCommunityTable. Thanksgiving is all about cooking and baking and it’s also about just plain old being together. This evening had all of it-and we loved every minute,” Garner wrote on Instagram.

In the video Garner shared, Garten also shared with the attendees — and Garner — how she keeps brown sugar from hardening.

“What do you do to keep your brown sugar from -,” Garner starts.

“- from getting hard?” Garten finishes.

“Yeah,” Garner responds.

“I keep it sealed, and if it gets hard, I put it in the microwave,” Garten shares.

Garten shared a great candid photo from the Walmart event, too, captioning the Instagram post: “Cooking last night with my friend @jennifer.garner making Thanksgiving dinner for #walmartcommunitytable What a great cause and fun too!!”

With the help of Garner, Walmart launched the Walmart Community Table in October. As part of the initiative, Garner has, so far, met with Walmart workers to share the stories behind and the recipes of the dishes that are meaningful to them. And earlier in June, Garner teamed up with Walmart to inspire acts of kindness via #SparkKindness. Garner and a team of Walmart associates and volunteers kicked off the program by revitalizing the community space of a Save the Children school in California.

Image: Walmart.

Garner and Garten teamed up last year around Thanksgiving, too, for Garten’s Barefoot Contessa Thanksgiving special on Food Network. The two stars didn’t actually film together, but instead, Garner’s Pretend Cooking Show was featured in the episode.

“Why, is that the #BarefootContessa music playing somewhere? YES. Yes, it is. BECAUSE—@inagarten invited #PretendCookingShow to be part of her Thanksgiving special!! My feisty grandmother Exie Mae Garner’s sweet potato pudding is getting its shot in the big leagues,” Garner wrote on Instagram.

More Garten and Garner TV specials, please!

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