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Amazon Prime Now Includes Grocery Delivery — For Free!

Amazon totally changed the way we shop for everything from movies to hydrocolloid acne patches to pet supplies and everything in between. But for the longest time, one frustration we had with Amazon was that, even with a Prime membership, getting groceries was a pain. In the past, it required you to shell out an additional $15 a month to get Amazon Fresh, and if you’re already paying $119 for Prime, who really wants to pay all that extra? Well, all that’s about to change, because Amazon Fresh is now included with your Amazon Prime subscription.

That means that in cities where Amazon Fresh is available, you’ll now be able to get groceries delivered for free (with a purchase of $35 or more) within two hours of ordering. You can also pay a little extra if you want your goods delivered even faster, and you’ll also be able to get free grocery delivery from Whole Foods, which is owned by Amazon.

Think of how much time you’ll be able to save by ordering grocery items on Amazon. No more crowded Saturday morning trips to the grocery store, no more panicked trips to get tomato sauce after work so you can make dinner. Just order your groceries from the comfort of your home or office, choose a delivery time, and your groceries will arrive like magic to your doorstep.

Now, we will say that, though Amazon Fresh is convenient, it’s not as well-stocked as a regular grocery store. Sometimes they don’t have ingredients we think of as staples, and their fresh produce can be lacking in variety too. But as a supplement to our usual grocery shopping, and as a way to stock up on things like paper towels, seltzer, and pet food, it’s hard to beat. Prime members can start using Amazon Fresh for free today, so load up your carts and get ready to feast!

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