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Your New Favorite Apple Was Literally Just Invented

What makes the perfect apple? Usually it’s extremely crisp, has a sweet flavor with just a slight hint of acid, and smooth shiny skin that’s picture-perfect. You may be thinking “duh, Honeycrisp apples fit that bill perfectly!” but there’s a new apple in town that just might take Honeycrisp’s crown. It’s the Cosmic Crisp apple, the first new apple bred in Washington state, and we’re drooling over it already.

It took 20 years for Washington State University horticulturists to breed Cosmic Crisp apples, which are a cross between Honeycrisp and Enterprise apples. Needless to say, Washington apple farmers are very excited about the new apples.

Cosmic Crisp apples have a deep red hue, with a “cosmic” dusting of star-like white dots on the surface. Cosmic Crisp was specifically created to be harvested at the same time as the always-disappointing Red Delicious apple, which a lot of farmers have been looking to replace, especially since consumers have lost their love for that bland breed.

Another thing to love about Cosmic Crisp apples is that they travel well. They have both high sugar and high acid content, which means that they’re full of flavor even after being shipped long distances, unlike Red Delicious, Fuji, and Gala apples, which can taste one-note and flat by the time you get them in stores.

The high acid content also means they’re less susceptible to browning once sliced up than your standard Red Delicious.

The only bummer we can see is that Cosmic Crisp’s aren’t really fall apples. They won’t be shipped to stores until December 1, meaning you’ll need a different variety for your caramel apples, apple pie, and bobbing for apple activities this fall.

Then again, what better excuse to shake up your usual holiday baking routine? Swap out your peppermint cookies and gingerbread for apple cake and mini apple hand pies made with Cosmic Crisp apples for a special treat this December — it might not be traditional, but your taste buds will definitely thank you!

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