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Aldi Has a Free ‘Aldiploma’ Wine Course for All of Us Wine Novices

If you’ve ever roamed the Aldi wine aisle — or any grocery store’s wine aisle, for that matter — and were left scratching your head, unsure of the perfect wine to purchase, with no store associate to help you, you aren’t alone. And Aldi is here to help with its free wine course.

The “Aldiploma” wine course is a free-to-download “case by case education in wine” comprised of six modules and six video tutorials. The course takes you through everything you need to know about Aldi’s wines — from how to identify different types of wines, grape varieties, and understanding wine labels and food pairings, to deep dives into white and red wines, and other wine styles, including sparkling, sweet, and fortified wines.

“At Aldi we believe that visiting the wine aisle should be an enjoyable experience. The Aldiploma provides a unique and fun approach to learning about wine, giving customers the confidence they want when selecting a wine and debunking any complicated wine terminology,” says Julie Ashfield, managing director of buying at Aldi UK, in a prepared statement.

The course features Sam Caporn, who’s nicknamed the “Mistress of Wine” — and for good reason.

“As one of only 382 Masters of Wine worldwide, it is fair to say I know my Malbec from my Merlot — but that hasn’t always been the case,” Caporn says. “Rewind 20 years and I was just a wine lover with none of the technical knowledge I have now. Aldi is known for its affordable, great quality wines so this creates the perfect platform to help consumers try new things and gain the perfect introduction to the world of wine.”

To get the most out of the wine education course, Aldi recommends ordering three cases of its wine throughout. The Wine Discovery Cases range from €32.94 or $36.74 to €41.24 or $46.

“Come and take a journey through Aldi’s amazing range of wines!” the website states. “To enjoy the full Aldiploma experience we recommend you sip and savor a whole range of wonderful wines while you make your way through each module.”

According to Aldi, the German supermarket is the first of its kind in the UK, specifically, to offer “price-tag and pressure-free learning” to help its consumers understand the world of wine. “The wine course supports the supermarket’s mission to open up the world of wine to all, including the 62 percent of Brits who admit they find it easier to plan a holiday than pick the perfect plonk,” Aldi says.

Even more good news: You don’t have to be in the UL to take advantage of this: The Aldiploma is available to download for free at Aldi UK’s website.

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