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We Want to Be A Guest at the New Beauty and the Beast Bar at Disney World

If you’ve ever dreamed of being a princess — or a beast — eating “the grey stuff” and sipping luxuriant cocktails in your castle while being waited on hand and foot by a clock and a candlestick, then your dreams are about to come true. Well, almost. That’s because the Enchanted Rose, a Beauty and the Beast-themed bar, just opened at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, and though you’ll have to settle for caviar instead of the grey stuff and human waitstaff instead of Cogsworth and Lumiere, you’ll definitely feel like royalty when you drink and dine there.

Everything about the lounge’s design was inspired by the live action Beauty and the Beast film, from the chandelier inspired by Belle’s gown to the formal baroque library sporting classic French furnishings. There are golden velvet chairs the exact shade of Belle’s iconic gown, sweeping window treatments that evoke the Beast’s own royal threads, a Garden Room inspired by the enchanted forest, and an outdoor patio that’s inspired by the Beast’s garden terrace.

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Image: Walt Disney World.
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Image: Walt Disney World.

But looks aren’t everything — what about the food and drinks?

The lounge serves eight different small plates and a variety of cocktails and martinis.

For food, you can choose from something simple, like truffle fries ($14.00) made with real shaved black truffles instead of truffle oil, or you can go all out and splurge on the white sturgeon caviar with egg timbale, crème fraîche, and chives ($95).

You can wash your food down with some cocktails, or one of the three mocktail options offered at the bar. For an even MORE magical experience, order the Envy and Love cocktails, which are mixed on a bar cart tableside. Ooh, fancy! Like, $21 fancy. But hey, you’re at Disney World, everything here is both more magical and more expensive than in the real world.

If you’re an adult Disney fan searching for something a little more subtle than Donald Duck and Goofy greeting you at a breakfast of Mickey Mouse-shaped pancakes, then the Enchanted Rose Lounge could be the place you’ve been waiting for. Sip a cocktail, eat some caviar, reflect on the nature of true love, and feel like royalty the whole time. Now that’s a vacation.

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