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Jennifer Garner’s Son Labels Her Spices with Hilarious Nicknames

It’s too easy to clutter up the spice cabinet. Between the three bottles of garlic powder you seemingly always have on-hand at any given time and the used-one-time-and-forgotten-about spices, it’s a jungle in there. That is, until you finally take the time to organize it with uniform, clearly labeled jars. And actress and “Pretend Cooking Show” host Jennifer Garner did just that — cleaned up her slew of spices, with the help of her 7-year-old son, Samuel, who had some fun with the labels.

“Mom: Will you please make labels for my spices?” Garner captioned her photo of her labeled spices. “7 year old boy: Yup.” But instead of “pizza,” “rosemary,” “parsley,” “sage,” and “meatball mix,” Samuel hilariously wrote, “pizza the right way,” “rosefart,” “meatbutt,” “parspee,” and “sage the children,” a play on a charity in which Garner’s is heavily involved, Save the Children. Samuel kept “thyme,” though; and honestly, we prefer all these nicknames over the original names any day.

Garner has always had the best sense of humor and has never been afraid to post about her very real, very relatable moments on Instagram. Just recently, she posted a video to her Instagram showing her fumbling at a toll booth in Oklahoma. “Apologies to cars stacked behind me at the OK/AR tollbooth last night. Real world problems are hard,” she wrote, followed by hashtags #thirteenquarters and #thankyouforyourpatience.

And her laid-back manner extends into her parenting, as well. “They’re pretty awesome. They humor me,” Garner said during a panel at INBOUND last month. “But I have chilled out and stopped trying to be my mom.”


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