The 11 Most Popular After-School Snacks on Pinterest

Get Schooled SheKnows AmazonThe kids are going back-to-school, and you know what that means: time for parent teacher conferences, notebook shopping, and making sure your kids have something to eat when they get home from school so they don’t end up destroying the house and crashing before it’s even time for dinner. Thanks to Pinterest, we found a selection of after school snacks that hit all the marks: easy, decently nutritious, and totally tasty. Even picky eaters will find a fave in this bunch of after school snacks. The hardest park? Trying not to devour everything before your kids make it home.

1. Banana sushi

Banana Sushi
Image: the Many Little Joys.

Bananas and peanut butter are divine in any form, but rolling them in a tortilla and slicing into rounds makes this messy snack a little more manageable for little fingers.

2. Cocoa and oatmeal muffins

Cocoa and Oatmeal Muffins
Image: Taste and Tell.

Think of these fluffy, moist muffins as a healthier alternative to those secretly delightful gas station chocolate cupcakes with cream filling – one that won’t send your kids into a sugar-fueled spiral.

3. No-bake monster cookie oatmeal energy balls

No-Bake Monster Cookie Oatmeal Energy Balls
Image: Princess Pinky Girl.

Freeze a batch of these no-bake monster cookie oatmeal energy balls, and you’ll have after school snack time covered for the next month!

4. 4-Ingredient cereal bars

4-Ingredient Cereal Bars
Image: I Heart Naptime.

These 4-ingredient cereal bars have everything that makes for a great afternoon snack: peanut butter for protein, cereal for fiber, and honey and vanilla for finger-lickin’ flavor.

5. After school snack mix

After School Snack Mix
Image: Life Made Simple.

Endlessly customizable and shelf-stable, a big jar of this snack mix makes for easy after school eats.

6. Easy tortilla pizzas

Easy Tortilla Pizzas
Image: Life Love Liz.

Sometimes the best after school snacks are the ones older kids can learn to make themselves, like these low-concept high-satisfaction tortilla pizzas.

7. Healthy chocolate swirl yogurt berry bark

Healthy Chocolate Swirl Yogurt Berry Bark
Image: Oh Sweet Basil.

A container of this yogurt bark in the freezer will immediately quell your kids’ after school hanger.

8. Three bears Nutella snacks

Three Bears Nutella Snacks
Image: Teaspoon of Goodness.

Crispy rice cakes go from hum-drum to ooh yum! when you top them with Nutella, berries, and banana slices in the shape of a cute little bear.

9. Pizza toast

Pizza Toast
Image: The Baker Mama.

Figuring out how to turn every single food into some version of pizza is basically our life’s mission, and this pizza toast definitely fits the bill.

10. Apple trail mix cookies

Apple Trail Mix Cookies
Image: Almost Supermom.

Crunchy apple rounds topped with nature’s frosting (peanut butter, obvi), chocolate chips, and oats are so craveable, there might not be any left for your kids when they get home.

11. Mini fruit pizza crackers

Mini Fruit Pizza Crackers
Image: Homemade Ginger.

A rainbow of fresh fruit pieces jazz up this simple snack of crispbreads topped with honey-sweetened cream cheese.

Best After-School Snacks for Kids
Image: the Many Little Joys. Design: Ashley Britton/SheKnows.