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Some Unusual Potato & Bacon Dishes Are on the Rise, According to GrubHub

Eat as clean and as light as you can — and try to squeeze in some cardio — today and through the weekend because next Monday and Tuesday are two of the more sinful national food days of the year: National Potato Day and National Bacon Lovers Day, respectively. And if you’re anything like us, you’re probably already planning the perfect two dishes to consume to celebrate the two “holidays.” Grubhub can help with that.

Grubhub identified the most popular — and top-ordered — potato and bacon dishes ordered on its app, and we’re suddenly really hungry for a bacon-topped breakfast sandwich with a side of loaded fries.

Comparing the top potato-based orders thus far in 2019 to the same timeframe last year, Grubhub lists chili cheddar fries as the most popular order; it was nearly 240 percent more popular than last year. The rest of the top five include Belgian fries (212 percent more popular), sweet potato waffle fries (165 percent), potato burritos (148 percent) and loaded baked potato soup (142 percent).

As far as time of day is concerned, obviously people are ordering and scarfing down fries — more specifically waffle fries and disco fries — late at night, with mid-day snacks coming in second. And for those unfamiliar with disco fries (me included!), they’re crinkle-cut fries drenched in homemade gravy and topped with money-shot mozzarella cheese. Swap the mozzarella with cheese curds, and you have poutine.

Now, let’s talk bacon.

The top bacon-based dish, one that was a whopping 486 percent more popular than last year, is the applewood bacon, egg and cheese sandwich. The rest of the top five include, respectively, bacon cheeseburger, bacon and cheddar grilled chicken sandwich, bacon candy and turkey bacon wrap.

Grubhub also took a look at which states ordered the most bacon and, New Mexico, step right on up to accept your crown because you were named the No. 1 state. Y’all ordered 85 percent more bacon orders compares to the rest of the country; and when we say “bacon orders,” apparently that means bacon cheesesteak; that dish was 369 percent more popular compared to last year. Nebraska came in at No. 2, ordering guacamole bacon burgers; Iowa at No. 3 with BBQ bacon burgers; West Virginia at No. 4 with turkey bacon clubs; and Rhode Island at No. 5 ordering chicken bacon pizza.

That’s enough; we need to stifle this temptation to order and eat strips of candied bacon. But if you’d like to read the rest of Grubhub’s report, keep scrolling.

National Potato Day trends


  • Potato and egg sandwich : 313 percent more popular
  • Potato pancakes : 217 percent more popular


  • Potato egg and cheese burrito : 370 percent more popular
  • Sweet potato chip : 367 percent more popular


  • Baked potato monkey bread : 509 percent more popular
  • Sweet potato rolls : 303 percent more popular


  • Waffle fries : 343 percent more popular
  • Disco fries : 233 percent more popular

Regional breakdown:

The Midwest:

  • Cheesy fries : 464 percent more popular
  • Cheese and bacon frise : 346 percent more popular
  • Cheesesteak fries : 308 percent more popular

The Northeast:

  • Baked sweet potato : 728 percent more popular
  • Potato knish : 463 percent more popular
  • Potato croquette : 407 percent more popular

The South:

  • Loaded baked potato : 275 percent more popular
  • Mashed potato & gravy : 193 percent more popular
  • Baked potato casserole : 181 percent more popular

The West:

  • Parmesan garlic fries : 615 percent more popular
  • Curry fries : 483 percent more popular
  • Fried sweet potato roll : 194 percent more popular

National Bacon Lovers Day trends

More interesting finds:

  • Bacon latte
  • Brown sugar bacon stick
  • Maple glaze candied bacon donut
  • Candied bacon pecan and praline shake

Top bacon flavors: 

  • Hickory bacon
  • Apple bacon
  • Maple bacon
  • Jalapeño bacon

Top dishes by region:

The South:

  • Brisket & bacon sandwich : 330 percent more popular
  • Bacon egg & cheese biscuit : 182 percent more popular

The Midwest:

  • Cheese curd bacon burger : 373 percent more popular
  • Bacon & ranch fries : 353 percent more popular

The West:

  • Chicken bacon avocado club : 240 percent more popular
  • Bacon mac and cheese : 108 percent more popular

The Northeast:

  • Chicken & bacon quesadilla : 425 percent more popular
  • Egg & bacon sandwich : 368 percent more popular

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