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14 Meatless Monday Recipes to Add to Your Weekly Rotation

If it’s summer, chances are we’re grilling pretty much every day, but sometimes the human body needs a break from the pure protein shock of eating nothing but kebabs, burgers, and bbq chicken for weeks on end. Add a little variety to your diet by instituting Meatless Mondays. Focus on the fresh and abundant summer produce, and fire up the grill if you want to — it turns out that plenty of veggies do just as well on the grill as your favorite meaty morsels.

1. Kale and tomato mac n’ cheese

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Image: The Hungry Herbivore. The Hungry Herbivore

Give your classic mac n’ cheese a summertime makeover with the addition of blistered cherry tomatoes and kale from the garden.

2. Creamy vegan grits with broiled tomatoes and tempeh bacon

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Image: Zan & Zaatar. Zan & Zaatar

You don’t have to deny yourself grits just because breakfast is over. Load them up with broiled tomatoes, avocado, and tempeh bacon and you’ve got a hearty plant-based dinner.

3. Smoky vegan veggie burgers

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Image: Glowing Blush. Glowing Blush

If you haven’t introduced soy curls into your life yet, what are you even doing? Their high protein content and meaty texture make these veggie burgers that even carnivores will love.

4. Fruit and nut quinoa salad with tomatoes, radicchio and pistachios

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Image: Very Good Cook. Very Good Cook

For those sweaty summer days when the thought of eating something warm makes you feel physically ill, try this quinoa salad. It’s anything but boring, loaded with a variety of summer veggies, pistachios, and dried fruit then tossed with a lemony mustard dressing.

5. Vegan nectarine summer rolls with almond sauce

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Image: Lazy Cat Kitchen. Lazy Cat Kitchen

Juicy nectarines set these colorful vegan summer rolls above the rest, and you’ll totally want to double-dip into the almond sauce when your dining partner isn’t looking.

6. Vegan smashed chickpea salad sandwich

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Image: Who Needs Salad. Who Needs Salad

When it’s too hot to stand over the grill, make some cool, creamy, craveable chickpea salad sandwiches. Double the filling recipe, and you can eat the rest for lunch all week long!

7. Veggie burger bowls

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Image: Hey Nutrition Lady. Hey Nutrition Lady

Sometimes when it’s to steamy out you just can’t deal with bread. Skip the bun in favor of a selection of cool, crisp veggies and pickles, topped with a veggie burger and all the fixin’s.

8. Grilled tofu with mango salsa

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Image: Connoisseurus Veg. Connoisseurus Veg

If you just can’t *not* grill, make this savory grilled tofu with mango salsa and skip the meat.

9. 10-Minute Mediterranean farro salad

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Image: Jar of Lemons. Jar of Lemons

Fiber-rich farro makes this Mediterranean salad totally dinner-worthy.

10. Vegan farmer’s market pasta with walnut pesto

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Image: Pinch of Yum. Pinch of Yum

Summery pasta is even better when you fill it with farmer’s market veggies and fragrant walnut pesto.

11. Vegan cauliflower tacos al pastor

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Image: Leite’s Culinaria.

Whether it’s #MeatlessMonday or #TacoTuesday, these flavorful tacos are a guaranteed crowd-pleasing hit (kids included!).

12. Vegan Mediterranean flatbread

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Image: Epicurean Eva.  Epicurean Eva

Marinated artichokes, red peppers, and olives give these flatbread sandwiches a deliciously unctuous, briny flavor and texture. Don’t forget the chickpeas for protein!

13. Vegan cold soba noodle salad

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Image: Vegelicious Kitchen. Vegelicious Kitchen

Slurping slippery, cool noodles on a scorching day is one of the truest pleasures of summer dining.

14. 30-Minute Thai mushroom salad

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Image: Platings and Pairings. Platings and Pairings

Crispy marinated mushrooms and plenty of fresh herbs and chilies combine for a special dish that won’t make you miss meat.

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Image: Leite’s Culinaria. Design: Ashley Britton/SheKnows.

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