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10 Easy After-School Snacks That Require Zero Prep

Whether your kids are in preschool or high school, one thing’s for certain: When they get home, they will be hungry. Even if they just ate a snack at school. Even if they’re literally still holding a morsel of that snack in their hands. They will be starving, and it’s up to you to quell that after-school hunger.

As much as we might love to fantasize about prepping a Pinterest-worthy snack spread to greet our kids when they step off the bus, that’s just not the reality for most hard-working parents — which is why we require equally hard-working snacks. We’re talking quick, no-fuss, no-mess snacks that’ll keep your kids satiated until dinnertime. Here are 10 ideas to get you started.


Pop a couple of frozen SUPERPRETZEL Soft Pretzels in the microwave for a few seconds, and you’ve got a salty, savory, super satisfying after-school snack that feels as special as a trip to the ballpark or county fair — except a lot more budget-friendly (especially if you use a coupon to buy them!).

after school snacks crudite cups

Crudite Cups

Presentation can go a long way, even with children. Gussy up a simple and healthy handful of sliced veggies (like peppers, carrots, and cucumber) by placing them in a small Mason jar with a layer of hummus or ranch dressing in the bottom. 

Almond Butter Apple Sandwiches

Core and slice an apple horizontally and swipe on some almond butter (or your nut butter of choice), and you’ve got yourself a cute and contained snack that’s also a solid source of protein, healthy carbs and fats. Throw in some raisins if you’re feeling fancy.

Cheese Plate

OK, it may sound fancy, but a cheese plate doesn’t have to be artfully arranged. And there’s a bonus to this snack: It keeps kids occupied while inviting them to build independence by serving themselves. Just chop your favorite cheese into bite-sized squares and serve on a plate with some fruit, nuts, raisins — whatever you have handy. Don’t be afraid to throw some unfamiliar foods in there to encourage trying new flavors. Include some pretzel sticks or toothpicks so kids can make their own skewers, which adds a little element of fun to the mix.

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SUPERPRETZEL Soft Pretzel Bites

Warm these dippable, dunkable pretzel bites from SUPERPRETZEL in the microwave for a few seconds, then serve with a favorite dip, from almond butter or Nutella to tangy yogurt dip or melted cheese. They’re the perfect size for little fingers, and ideal for easy portion control, too.

Frozen grapes

For hot days especially, frozen grapes are a refreshingly easy treat that’ll have your kids feeling like they’re eating mini popsicles. Just thoroughly wash and dry your grapes before storing them in the freezer, then grab a handful when hunger strikes for a fun, guilt-free snack. Blueberries are great frozen, too!

Tortilla Pinwheels

Ready in seconds, this snack is endlessly adaptable. Start with a flour tortilla, then choose from fillings like peanut butter and banana or ham and cheese. Roll it all up and slice it into little bite-sized pieces for the ultimate finger food. 

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Popcorn Trail Mix

Popcorn alone is a perfect after-school snack, but you can also punch it up with a few extras. While the popcorn’s doing its thing in the microwave, fill a bowl with a few handfuls of mix-ins like raisins, pretzels, nuts, and chocolate chips, then toss in the popcorn when it’s ready.


Satisfy a craving for cheese with these clever SUPERPRETZEL SoftStix that are packed with a creamy cheddar cheese filling. It’s like getting the pretzel and dip all in one convenient package.

Chocolatey Chips

Can’t choose between sweet or salty? This easy treat goes both ways, and it seems more decadent than it actually is. Simply spread a layer of salted potato chips on a plate, melt a handful of chocolate chips in the microwave, then drizzle the melted chocolate over the chips. Voila: A salty-sweet masterpiece.

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