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We Are Absolutely Drooling Over These Two Seasonal Oreo Flavors

It’s been one of the hottest summers on record, with heat waves hitting just about every part of the country at some point over the past month, and seemingly no end in sight. And yet, as soon as August 1st comes around, does anyone else find themselves dreaming of all things pumpkin, peppermint, and cozy? That’s why news of two seasonal Oreo flavors has hit us right in our feels (and taste buds). We’re talking maple and peppermint, baby.

First and foremost, Maple Creme Oreos are expected to hit store shelves at the end of August. They feature a golden cookie filled with Maple Creme, and sound like the perfect accompaniment to a steamy pumpkin spice latte or mug of your favorite tea. I mean, chances are we’ll be eating them with an ice cold glass of milk in 90-degree weather, but at least we’ll be *dreaming* of those chilly autumn days to come.

Next up? The seasonal Peppermint Bark Oreo is making a triumphant return. The bittersweet flavor of chocolate Oreo cookies made with real cocoa is the perfect foil to the cooling, sweet peppermint flavored creme, which is dotted with tiny crunchy bits of “sugar crystals” that bring to mind crushed candy caned. Apparently this flavor is going to be somehow featured in an animated Netflix original movie called Klaus that’s coming out this winter. Um, time to order some hot chocolate in bulk so that by the time Peppermint Bark Oreos and Klaus are released, we’re totally prepared for an epic screening.

It may still be summer, and you may be sitting in your office chair in soggy leggings and a borderline inappropriate-for-work and maybe see-through tank top just to survive the heat, but hopefully knowing that these seasonal flavors are already scheduled to be released will help you remember that eventually, fall WILL be here. Likewise, if your summer experience involves wearing three cardigans and wool socks to work because your building’s A/C is for some reason set to 40 degrees, at least you can feel like the world of snacks is finally catching up to you. Basically what we’re saying is that there’s no situation we can think of where seasonal Oreo flavors *aren’t* a good thing.

Now, who wants to bet on when Pumpkin Spice Lattes will be returning this year?

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