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Chrissy Teigen Had the Best Response to People Who Shamed Her Beignet-Making Skills

Chrissy Teigen isn’t just one of our favorite celebrities to follow on Twitter, she’s also a damn good cook. I mean, when’s the last time *you* wrote two cookbooks? Or starred in your own Hulu cooking show? Yeah, I thought so. Anyone who invents a recipe for an everything bagel breakfast casserole is pretty much a culinary hero in our book. Nevertheless, there’s always a group of people out there who think that they know best, and almost all of them seem to have Twitter accounts, as Teigen discovered when they came out en mass to criticize here beignet-making skills over the weekend. Her response? HOW ABOUT NO.

It all started when Teigen Tweeted a video of some extremely delicious-looking, golden-brown beignets bubbling away in a skillet of hot oil. Teigen used a strainer to remove the pastries from the hot oil, then dropped them in a container of powdered sugar. Tasty, right?


After Teigen posted a second video of the sugar-coated beignets, people started confronting her about her cooking method. This is something Teigen has had to deal with before — it seems like every time she shares what she’s cooking, random strangers feel motivated to tell her why she’s doing it wrong and how they’d do it differently. Um, maybe write your own cookbook then?

Dozens of people chimed in to say that they do the sugar-coating process differently. Teigen’s response? “Just shut up already.”

She told her haters that “They were awesome and this is how *we* like them, sugar sticks to the hot oil and I eat them piping hot when they’re crispy and perfectly moist inside. Make your own thank you goodbye,” which seems like a fair enough response to us.

We hope Teigen keeps sharing all of her recipes and cooking moments with us, because honestly, everything she makes looks damn delicious. Seeing her and her family cooking together is also a good reminder that even when you lead a busy life, you can still have fun in the kitchen, a skill that Teigen has mastered. Now how about we all come together and agree that from now on she probably doesn’t need our unsolicited cooking advice?

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