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The Shark Week-Themed Snacks You & Your Kids Need to Sink Your Teeth Into

Can you believe Shark Week is already mere days away? Seems like yesterday we were glued to our screens obsessing over Discovery’s programming — and by the looks of it, this year’s lineup will not disappoint, either. From comedian and retired Marine Rob Riggle embarking on a shark-filled adventure to other gasp-inducing, daring shark experiments, Shark Week takes place July 28 through August 4. And to get through it all in one piece, we’ll need sustenance; and by sustenance, we obviously mean snacks — and a lot of them — within arm’s reach. 

Whether you’re a die-hard Shark Week fan hosting a viewing party or a casual viewer who’ll jump in from time to time to keep up, the following Shark Week-themed snacks and treats are must-haves. 

Shark chocolate bark

Don’t be intimidated by this recipe; it’s actually much easier than it looks. For this shark chocolate bark recipe, you’ll need shark dummies, Pop Rocks or sprinkles, two colors of chocolate melts, parchment paper and toothpicks. And in the end, you’ll have a gorgeous treat for you and your guests.

Get the recipe from Sandy Toes & Popsicles.

Shark soda

Image: Desert Chica.

Kids and adults alike will love this easy-to-make, blue-hued soda drink with gummy sharks dodging ice cubes. In addition to the shark gummies, the recipe calls for lemon-lime soda, blue sports drink, peach gummy rings to garnish and striped straws — recyclable, if you can.

Get the recipe from Desert Chica.

Seaweed dip with shark fin chips

This seaweed dip with corn chips snack is so simple, yet so genius. And if you aren’t a fan of seaweed dip, you can easily swap it out for spinach and artichoke dip or any other dip, really. 

Get the recipe from A Few Shortcuts.

Shark bite ice cream sundaes

Image: Food Network.

This will take some arts and crafts skills, but it’ll be worth it in the end. Gather the kids or a friend or two to help, divvy up all the tasks — one person can make the marshmallow creme for the shark body, one can cut the fruit leather, etc. — and you’ll have these ice cream sundaes no time.

Get the recipe from Food Network.

Shark bite cupcakes

These strawberry jam-stuffed cupcakes topped with blue-dyed vanilla buttercream and a fins made from gum paste are the sweets your Shark Week party needs.

Get the recipe from Cupcakes and Cashmere

Shark Week Jell-O shots

This one is for adults only but Love & Marriage has an easy, rum-infused Jell-O shots recipe for your viewing festivities. Want to make it family-friendly? Just skip the rum and you’ll still have totally on-theme Jell-O shots to serve.

Get the recipe from Love & Marriage.

Cake batter shark bait

For a sweet and salty snack mix swimming with multi-colored shark gummies, look no further than Young at Heart Mommy’s recipe, which includes white butter-flavored kettle corn, cake mix, white chocolate chips and sprinkles.

Get the recipe from Young at Heart Mommy.

Shark sushi

Image: Momma Lew.

Gummy sharks are most fun to eat when set atop homemade Rice Crispy Treats bars and wrapped with Fruit Roll-Ups to look like sushi.

Get the recipe from Momma Lew.

Shark ice cream floats

Another fun, sweet drink, these floats are filled with blue soda (add blue food coloring to your favorite clear soda) and two scoops of ice cream. Top with gummy sharks, toss in a straw, and sip away.

Get the recipe from Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons.

Shark s’mores pops

In a few simple steps, traditional s’mores are transformed into Shark Week-appropriate treats for the whole family. The best part of the whole process? Making the shark faces as fun or as scary as you want, obviously.

Get the recipe from Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons.

Watermelon shark

A Shark Week menu isn’t complete without a watermelon shark, and Inspirational Momma makes the process as clear and easy as possible, including tips on how to pick the perfect watermelon. 

Get the recipe from Inspirational Momma.

A version of this article was originally published July 2019.

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