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Chrissy Teigen & Daughter Luna Made the Most Adorable Candy Bars

If only Luna bars actually looked like this. Last week, Chrissy Teigen and her daughter, Luna, spent the evening making candy bars; and while Teigen made it very clear it would be both the first and last time she helps Luna make the treat, we can’t help but drool over how sweet and sinful it looks. 

On Twitter, Teigen posted a video captioned, “Making candy bars for the first and last time ever.” Singing along to a Mariah Carey song in the background, Teigen zooms in on the candy bar filled with an assortment of candy and marshmallows, with “Luna” written in cursive atop with white icing.

Shortly after, the mother-daughter duo poses with the candy bar — Luna clearly infatuated with the creation and ready to devour it. “I look terrible but the chocolate is a beauty,” Teigen writes.

Teigen also posted to her Instagram story that day, calling herself “Chrissy Wonka” and taking her followers step by step in the candy bar-making process, from melting caramel to filling the molds with the chocolate and marshmallows, peanuts and Reese’s Pieces. 

“John tell them what you made,” Teigen says in the video, to which her husband, John Legend, responds, “It’s a very novel concept. I put chocolate together with peanuts and caramel and nougat.”

Could this family be any cuter?

Teigen loves to post about Luna’s food journey. Back in February, Teigen shared on social media Luna’s first McDonald’s Happy Meal. And a couple of years ago, Teigen wasn’t afraid to admit that she’s perfectly OK with Luna’s love for French fries. In the Teigen and Legend household, the family clearly has a love of food — so much so, Teigen is working on a cookbook for kids, a project she announced back in October.

So, will this Luna candy bar be included in said cookbook? Who knows, but if it is, we know one thing for sure: Chrissy sure as hell won’t be making it again. “Yeah, I am never doing this again,” she admits on Twitter.

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