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Grilled Pizza Is the Underrated Summer Dinner Your Kids Will Love

Nothing beats pizza night, but there’s something about calling in a takeout order on a lazy summer evening that feels almost too indulgent. Why not just fire up the grill instead? Grilling pizza is a lot easier than you might think, and the high heat of the grill imbues every slice of your pie with extra flavor. You can make your own dough, pick some up at the store, or swap raw dough out for flatbread or naan. Any way you slice it (embrace the pun, don’t pardon it), the grill is the perfect way to cook up creative pies for the family all summer long.

1. Easy grilled naan white pizza

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Image: The Pretend Baker. The Pretend Baker

Let’s start simple. Store bought naan bread topped with mozzarella and a drizzle of olive oil is basically grilled cheese, so your kids are bound to like.

2. 10-minute grilled pepperoni pizza

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Image: Averie Cooks. Averie Cooks

Pizza in 10 minutes is basically impossible in a conventional oven. The secret here is, once again, naan bread, which gets nice and toasty on the grill in just enough time for the toppings to melt and get bubbly.

3. Grilled tomato basil flatbread

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Image: The Migoni Kitchen. The Migoni Kitchen

You can’t go wrong with the classic combo of tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil, and the extra flavor from the grill just sets this recipe over the top. Get your kids to help make the dough and dinner time will arrive sooner than you might think.

4. Grilled BBQ chicken pizza

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Image: House of Nash Eats. House of Nash Eats

One of our favorite ways to use up leftovers in the summer is to pop them on a crust and grill them up. Case in point? Barbecued chicken is even better the next day on a pizza.

5. Grilled pesto pancetta flatbread

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Image: Foodness Gracious. Foodness Gracious

It’s summer – why *not* fire up the grill in the morning to make this brunch-worthy pizza that’s topped with pesto, pancetta, and sunny-side-up eggs?

6. Grilled Italian sub pizza

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Image: Whitney Bond. Whitney Bond

Turn your family’s favorite party sandwich into dinner. Layers of sliced cured meats cover the top of these grilled Italian sub pizzas.

7. Grilled 3-meat pizza

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Image: Gimme Some Grilling. Gimme Some Grilling

If you’ve got diners who are leery of their veggies, just slap on some extra tomato sauce and cover the rest of the pizza with three meats and lots of cheese.

8. Grilled vegan veggie tortilla pizzas

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Image: Vegan Richa. Vegan Richa

Get your vegan pizza fix by topping tortillas with your favorite dairy-free cheese, your favorite fajita veggies, and fresh herbs to make the flavor pop.

9. Buffalo chicken grilled pizza

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Image: Eating European. Eating European

Spicy, saucy, savory – every bite of this grilled buffalo chicken pizza is a tasty treasure.

10. Grilled Italian sausage, caramelized onion, and pesto pizza

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Image: A Hint of Wine. A Hint of Wine

Rich with spicy sausage, crumbled goat cheese, and zesty pesto, the only thing this pizza is missing is the sweetness of caramelized – what’s that? It *is* made with caramelized onions? Hurray!

11. Grilled pita pizza pockets

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Image: KJ and Company. KJ and Company

If you’re making food for people who all have different favorite pizza toppings, these individual grilled pizza pita pockets (say that ten times fast) are the perfect solution.

12. Easy bruschetta chicken pizza

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Image: Cooking for Keeps. Cooking for Keeps

Load on the summer tomatoes to make bruschetta pizza so fresh each bite will absolutely taste like sunshine.

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