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17 Surprising Foods You Can Make in a Muffin Tin (Besides Muffins)

Almost every home cook owns a muffin tin. They’re a kitchen staple, and necessary for making cupcakes and muffins. But, are you really making the most of yours? Did you ever wonder if you could be doing a little bit more with your muffin tin? If you haven’t thought beyond basic baked goods, the answer is no.

The truth is, your muffin tin can be used for almost anything that you’d normally bake in a larger baking dish or pan. Meatloaf works in a muffin tin, as do mini frittatas and individual lasagnas. The best part, aside from cuteness, is that the muffin tin maximizes exposed surface area, so every serving of whatever you make ends up with the caramelized edges that only exist on end pieces of anything baked in a larger dish.

Below, you’ll find muffin tin recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Pick one to make this week, and discover just how easy and fun it is to think outside the (muffin) box.

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Image: Ambitious Kitchen.

Cheesy quinoa chicken enchilada meatloaf cups

The generous layer of cheese that tops these quinoa-filled meatloaf cups really puts the recipe over the edge.

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Image: Sugar, Salt, Magic.

Lasagna cups

If you love the crispy corner pieces of traditional lasagna, you’ll love these lasagna cups.

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Image: The Wholesome Dish.

Baked oatmeal cups

Sick of overnight oats, but want something you don’t have to cook in the morning? Bake a batch of oatmeal cups to reheat and eat all week.

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Image: The Kitchn.

Pizza bombs

These pizza-stuffed dough balls are impossible not to like. You can fill them with whatever “toppings” you like, but pepperoni is always a good bet.

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Image: Bake at Midnite. Judith Hannemann

Bacon and egg cups

Bacon-wrapped eggs are the new breakfast standard. At least, they will be when you give them a try.

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Image: Recipe Tin Eats. Recipe Tin eats

Meatloaf cupcakes

Next time the kids ask to eat cupcakes for dinner, break out these mini meatloaf cupcakes.

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Image: Spiced Blog.

Garlic knots

If you prefer savory over sweet, add these garlic knots to your muffin tin’s to-do list.

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Image: Kevin and Amanda. Amanda Green Bottoms

Southwestern chicken cups

Tacos are great, but these Southwestern chicken cups deliver the same flavor without all the cleanup.

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Image: Snappy Gourmet.

Mini walnut apple pies

Ever feel like you could eat a whole pie by yourself? When it comes to these mini apple pies, that’s definitely possible.

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Image: Savory Experiments.

Loaded mashed potato cups

Browned, crispy edges make these loaded mashed potato cups even better than regular mashed potatoes.

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Image: Betty Crocker

Muffin tin cheeseburgers

The novelty of these muffin tin cheeseburgers will make your weeknight dinner an extra-special affair.

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Image: Taste of Home.

Muffin tin chicken potpies

Everyone knows that the best part of a potpie is the sauce-soaked crust. With these mini potpies, there’s more of that to go around.

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Image: Homemade Interest

Buffalo chicken cups

If you’re in need of an easy party appetizer, you can’t go wrong with Buffalo chicken cups.

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Image: Can’t Stay Out of the Kitchen.

Breakfast egg muffins

These egg muffins are the perfect weekday morning stand-in for an omelette. Meal prep a batch over the weekend and you’ll have a high-protein breakfast option in the fridge all week.

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Image: Kevin and Amanda. Amanda Green Bottoms

Crunchy taco cups

These taco cups are filled with meat, cheese, and veggies. Even better, they’re totally foolproof.

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Image: Mommy’s Kitchen.

Cheesy potato gratin stacks

Serve these fancy gratin stacks as a dinner side dish, then reheat leftovers for breakfast to eat alongside an over-easy egg.

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Image: Pillsbury.

Chicken-bacon Alfredo biscuits

Why settle for just a biscuit, when you can have a biscuit that oozes creamy chicken Alfredo?

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