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Joanna Gaines’ New Coffee Shop Is the Latest Change Brewing At Magnolia Market

America may run on Dunkin’ but one Texas town is about to fuel itself with something even better. Joanna Gaines is opening a coffee shop, named Magnolia Press, in Waco and it’s the destination we didn’t know we needed but totally want.

Gaines announced the project on Instagram. The Fixer Upper star shared a rendering of the space with followers and fans and, in the caption, Gaines explained the shop would be opening later this year. “This fall, our coffee shop Magnolia Press, will officially open!” And while the announcement was vague, Gaines shared additional details on her blog.

“Coffee has a way of grounding me,” Gaines wrote. “There’s just something about holding that cup of coffee that slows me down and makes the moments feel richer… [and] whether I’m in a new city or revisiting one I’ve been to many times, I love to stop into a coffee shop and take some time to soak in the space. Every coffee shop seems to create its own magical cozy world full of personality, character, and charm” — an experience Gaines wants to recreate in her own backyard.

“We hope people find… [Magnolia Press to be] a spot to slow down, to take it all in, and to simply savor the moment. In a world where everything feels rushed and fast-moving, there’s a familiar and worthwhile pause waiting for us in a good cup of coffee.”

Of course, the addition of a coffee shop seems like a no-brainer. The Gaines’ already have food trucks, a garden center, a retail center and a bakery on their property — and everyone knows the best way to wash down a blueberry crumble is with good cuppa. Plus, the coffee spot will give Fixer Upper fans yet another reason to visit Magnolia Market. So get ready to sip, shop and snack until your hearts content because Magnolia Press will be open before you know it.


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