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A Kylie Jenner Line of Wine, Beer & Kitchen Appliances Could Be Coming

An increasing number of celebrities have been dipping their toe in the lifestyle market, from Drew Barrymore’s furniture and home decor line, Drew Barrymore Flower Home, that launched in March to Sarah Jessica Parker’s currently unnamed wine line, which she announced in February. Soon enough, we’ll add beauty product connoisseur Kylie Jenner to the list, as she reportedly could have plans to not only launch her own line of alcohol, but also home accessories, among other ventures. 

Back in May, Jenner applied for trademarks to use “Kylie Baby” and “Kylie Baby by Kylie Jenner,” but she didn’t stop there. Jenner, more recently, applied for trademarks using her first and full name on “restaurants, bars and cocktail lounges”; “spirits, liquor, wine, alcoholic cocktail mixes, prepared alcoholic cocktail, prepared wine cocktails”; and “non-alcoholic cocktail bases, non-alcoholic cocktail mixes, fruit flavored beverages, fruit-based beverages, energy sports drinks, soft drinks, smoothies, bottled water, beer.” Kylie Jenner rosé? Kylie Jenner IPA? Kylie-atorade? The possibilities are clearly endless.

It seems Jenner also has plans, according to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, to create a line of home furniture and accessories, including wallpaper, bedding and kitchenware and appliances, as well as apparel, exercise equipment, scrapbooks and calendars, toys, sporting goods, hair accessories and “printed publications.” 

At the same time, Jenner also filed trademarks for vitamins, dietary and nutritional supplements, meal replacement nutrition bars, medicated cosmetics, lotions and creams for treating dermatological conditions, and more. Seriously, the list goes on and on and on…

Jenner filed for 16 trademarks on June 24, expanding her filed trademarks list to 53, so it’ll likely be awhile until we actually see any products. That said, it’s still exciting to see Jenner’s product line expand — and we’ll be eagerly awaiting more details from the successful entrepreneur.

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