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We Feel Obliged to Inform You Canned Mac & Cheese Exists, If That’s What You’re Into

A hearty bowl of al dente elbow pasta smothered in a thick, gooey layer of creamy cheddar (and gruyere if you’re fancy like that): Virtually no one can resist the comfort food dish that is macaroni and cheese. That is, unless it’s shoved into a tin can, like the canned mac ‘n’ cheese Heinz is still trying to make happen.

Heinz’s canned macaroni and cheese looks as suspect as it probably tastes. Even the product description on Amazon suggests you’ll want to liven up the likely flavorless and likely congealed dish-in-a-can. “A simple touch or two can make Heinz Macaroni Cheese even tastier. Heinz Macaroni Cheese. Made with a creamy cheese sauce,” the description states in all its fragmented glory.

Image: Amazon.

The cans sell for $3.05 each, plus $6.49 for shipping, and the worst part is they aren’t even an Amazon Prime offer, meaning you’ll have to wait weeks for the product to reach your doorstep. How Heinz expects anyone to buy this canned mac ‘n’ cheese is beyond us. 

The product does have a whopping two reviews, though — and they’re hilariously negative. “So delicious best quality just [kidding] [it’s] trash,” says Debra Phillips, while Amazon user News3 writes, “14 bucks for 1 can? Hahahahahahah!!!!!” We don’t even need to try the product to wholeheartedly agree with them.

Even Twitter is alive with the sound of dry-heaving.

Apparently, Heinz’s canned macaroni and cheese isn’t a new product. One review was submitted as far back as 2016, and clearly the Amazon customer didn’t hate it. “The mac and cheese is very good. The package and cans were delivered in very poor condition,” user sjw says, giving the product five stars. 

The reviews may be mixed, but it’s a hard pass from us. We’ll opt for frozen mac ‘n’ cheese before we settle on canned.

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