18 Healthy Grain-Based Salads Our Favorite Food Bloggers Love

When it comes to food trends, no one is as in-the-know as food bloggers. And, while I wouldn’t say that grain-based salads are a new thing, they’re certainly trendy right now. And whether you’re serving your favorite add-ons over a bed of quinoa, or mixing up a bowl of farro and vegetables, you have to admit that the grain-vegetable combo makes for a pretty easy, satisfying dinner.

That said, it’s easy to get a little stuck in your ways when it comes to ingredient combinations. If you’ve been eating the same bowl of wild rice, tomatoes, chickpeas, and feta (or whatever your go-to might be) for too long, you’re probably in need of some grain-based salad inspiration. So, we went and combed our favorite blogs for some tasty, creative recipes that the bloggers love cooking for themselves. The next time you feel like whipping up a bowl of greens and grains, try out one of the ideas below.

Image: Leite’s Culinaria.

Butternut squash and grain salad

Fall is the perfect time to feast on butternut squash and this salad will please even the pickiest eaters.

Image: Craving something healthy.

Greens, beans and grains

This salad is great because it’s so versatile. No cannelloni beans in your cupboard? Throw garbanzo beans in instead. Out of wheat berries? Toss in some quinoa. It’s great for busy summer nights when you don’t have a lot of time to pull something together but still need a delicious meal.

Image: Ari’s Menu. seeingflashes.com

Southwest quinoa salad

Let’s say it’s taco Tuesday and you’re craving some delectable Mexican cuisine but don’t want to mess with this healthy food streak you’ve got going. That’s when you reach for the quinoa and whip up a healthy southwest inspired salad.


Image: Food Faith Fitness.

Quinoa, chickpea, and avocado salad with black beans

Taylor is a huge fan of quinoa, with its nutty flavor and crunchy-soft texture. In this quinoa-chickpea salad, avocado adds color and healthy fats, while black beans give extra fiber and protein.

Image: Recipe Girl.

Wild rice and cranberry salad

Lori knows how to pack a dish with flavor, but she’s also a mom who understands that kids can be picky. If you’re in the same boat, try this wild rice salad, made with cranberries and pine nuts.

Image: Julia’s Album.

Spinach and mushroom quinoa

Julia’s blog focuses on easy-to-make weeknight recipes that are healthy and taste great. This spinach-mushroom quinoa dish is no exception. The spinach wilts slightly when mixed with the hot ingredient, which makes for an easy-to-eat salad.

Image: Alexandra’s Kitchen.

Farro salad with roasted corn, red pepper, and onion

Alexandra is a fan of classic recipes, and loves the way the fresh ingredients come together with nutty farro in this quick grain salad.

Image: Peas and Crayons.

Tomato-quinoa salad

Serve Jenn’s simple tomato-quinoa salad as a summer side dish, or pack it up for lunch as an easy main dish that doesn’t need reheating.

Image: Cooking Classy.

Kale, grape, and farro salad with feta and white wine vinaigrette

Looking for a grain-based salad that’s also rich in greens and is appropriate any time of year? Jaclyn’s kale, grape, and farro salad is it.


Image: Pinch of Yum.

Summer quinoa jars

When it comes to making meal prep look amazing, Lindsay is a pro. These summery quinoa jars are packed with veggies, shrimp, and cheese, and look just as good in a jar as they do on the plate.

Image: Half-Baked Harvest.

Loaded Greek quinoa salad

If you want something crunchy like a vegetable salad, but substantial like a grain bowl, Tieghan’s quinoa-based Greek salad can deliver both.

Image: Eating Bird Food.

Quinoa tabbouleh

Brittany was championing the plant-heavy diet long before it was trendy. She knows her stuff, and this quinoa tabbouleh proves it.

Image: Dinner at the Zoo.

Mediterranean farro salad

With three kids to look after, Sara knows the value of a tasty salad that’s filling and easy to throw together. Try this Mediterranean farro salad the next time you want a little bit of everything.

Image: The Healthy Hunter.

Chickpea and barley salad with Parmesan dressing

The Healthy Hunter is all about making real food taste amazing. This chickpea and barley salad gets kicked up a notch with a cheesy dressing, and it’s served over a bed of nutritious kale.

Image: How Sweet Eats.

Tomato-farro salad

Jessica runs one of the most popular blogs out there, and this tomato-farro salad really illustrates why: It’s simple but elevated, and looks accessible but also Insta-worthy.

Image: Damn Delicious.

Mexican street corn bowls

To make these easy Mexican street corn bowls, Chungah serves colorful ingredients over a bed of perfectly cooked rice.

Image: Cookie and Kate.

Roasted cherry tomato, arugula, and sorghum salad

If you like Israeli couscous, you’ll love sorghum—it’s got a similar bite, and can be used in place of couscous in pretty much any recipe. Take Kate’s lead and serve in a sweet roasted tomato salad.

Image: Cookie and Kate.

Sweet potato, arugula, and wild rice salad with ginger dressing

According to Kate, “fresh ginger in the salad dressing balances the sweetness of the caramelized sweet potatoes.” Sounds fancy, but it’s easy enough for even beginner cooks.

Image: Peas and Crayons. Design: Ashley Britton/SheKnows.