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These Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches are Ina Garten-Approved

When the Barefoot Contessa herself, Ina Garten, gets excited about a recipe, we get excited about a recipe ⁠— because when’s the last time Garten has ever let us down? (That’s a rhetorical question; don’t answer.) And the latest recipe that has us drooling is the sheet pan chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich dessert Garten just raved about on her Instagram.

Garten pulled the recipe from LideyLikes, a food blog run by Lidey Heuck, Garten’s former assistant of six years. A jack of all trades, Heuck not only managed Garten’s social media platforms, but she also tested recipes and even worked closely with Garten’s publisher and Barefoot Contessa production team. You may have even seen Heuck’s own recipes on Barefoot Contessa and published in various publications, including the New York Times, Food Network Magazine and

“She’s become quite a cook!” Garten wrote in her Instagram post. “This week she posted the recipe for her amazing ice cream sandwiches. She baked chocolate chip cookie dough in sheet pans for the outside of the sandwiches, then filled them with vanilla ice cream and rolled them in chocolate chips and sprinkles. I’m definitely making these for July 4th!!”

Heuck writes on her blog that these ice cream sandwiches are one of her favorite desserts to make over the summer for her friends. Plus, she reveals, you can make them days in advance. 

“Everyone completely loses their minds when you bring out a platter of giant ice cream sandwiches after dinner,” she says on LideyLikes. “I’m all for blueberry crumble or peach pie, but there is no greater crowd pleaser than ice cream sandwiches.”


Heuck’s recipe calls for the usual chocolate chip cookie ingredients ⁠— unsalted butter, granulated and brown sugar, vanilla extract, chocolate chips, etc. ⁠— and the directions are easy to follow. Basically, and as Garten described, Heuck bakes two massive chocolate chip cookies in a long sheet pan and sandwiches a layer of softened, store-brand vanilla ice cream between the two cookies. 

Let the giant sandwich freeze for a few hours, or overnight, then cut it into 12 smaller sandwiches. Here comes the fun part: Once chilled, press each side of the sandwiches onto the mini chocolate chips and sprinkles.

Clearly Garten’s BFF Jennifer Garner is a fan of this dessert, too, commenting on Garten’s Instagram post: “We ♥️ @lideylikes !!!”

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Image: Ina Garten/Instagram. Ina Garten/Instagram.

That’s it; we need to get out of here and buy all the ingredients stat.

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