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Elevate Your Summer Meals with These Modern Takes on the Classics

Last week we celebrated the summer solstice — the beginning of a few months of long, sun-filled, hot days. We’ll spend our days lounging by the pool, slathering the kids up with sunscreen and eating the same old summertime staples. Or will we? No, this year we are challenging ourselves to step up our food game and elevate those boring old summer go-to meals. These twisted takes on classic summer meals are cool, crisp and refreshing. Better yet, they are easy to prepare. So grab your spatula, tongs and a fruity frozen cocktail. These summer recipes are sure to satisfy any crowd (kids included!). 

Heirloom tomato and burrata salad

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Image: Pop Sugar. Pop Sugar.

If you are hosting a summer shindig, you’re probably planning on serving some sort of salad. Leafy greens are a good, light choice and both pasta and potato salad are party staples. But if you want to switch things up this season, be sure to check out Pop Sugar’s tomato-burrata mix. With olive oil, salt, pepper and basil, it is the perfect choice.

‘Not Yo Mama’s’ potato salad

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Image: Modern Honey. Modern Honey.

Most potato salads are made with mayonnaise — the creamy condiment is the ideal base for countless concoctions. But did you know potato salad can be made without mayo? It’s true. Modern Honey’s “Not Yo Mama’s” potato salad is made with bacon and a light vinaigrette, taking this traditional dish to the next level. And a bonus? You can leave it out for more than 30 minutes without worrying that everyone will get food poisoning. 

Watermelon strawberry cucumber salad

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Image: Aberdeen’s Kitchen. Aberdeen's Kitchen.

Luscious, delicious and oh-so-refreshing this watermelon strawberry cucumber salad from Aberdeen’s Kitchen is full of summer flavor. Oh, and it uses seasonal produce — which makes it a real win-win.

Pineapple mango salsa

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Image: Tidy Mom. Tidy Mom.

Every summer soirée needs a good snack and, with a little bit of sweet and little bit of heat, this pineapple mango salsa from Tidy Mom takes the cake. You (and your guests) will be going back for more.

Bacon avocado deviled eggs

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Image: Delicious Little Bites. Delicious Little Bites.

Who doesn’t love a good deviled egg? After all, they are the perfect summer bite, and these bacon avocado eggs from Delicious Little Bites are no exception. They made our list because they are bright, bold and surprisingly easy to make.

Grilled corn on the cob (with chili lime butter)

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Image: Eatwell 101. Eatwell 101.

Grilled meats are great, but grilled veg is superb! The charred flavor adds punch to everything from zucchini and asparagus to lettuce and corn. Don’t believe us? Check out Eatwell’s corn on the cob recipe — complete with chili lime butter.

Spicy peanut butter & jelly burger

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Image: Macheesmo. Macheesmo.

You know we had to throw in a burger. I mean, we couldn’t possibly do a summer recipe without some bold, beefy goodness. Plus, Macheesmo’s peanut butter and jelly burger is too good to pass up. Seriously. This sucker sounds strange but it is delish!

The classic ‘New York’ hot dog

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Image: The Pennywise Mama. Pennywise.

Another seasonal staple is the hot dog. It’s the hamburgers thinner and longer summer cousin and while you can top your dog with just about anything, pushcart hot dogs — a.k.a dirty water dogs smothered in tangy onions and mustard — are the most modern version we can endorse. Sorry; we’re New Yorkers after all.

And finally, weed-infused lemonade

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Image: Ediblooms. Ediblooms.

OK, this one is definitely not for the kids but hey, adults deserve some summer relaxation too, right? And let’s face it —the grill side seat gets hot, so cool down (and chill out) with Edibloom’s weed-infused lemonade or — if spiked drinks aren’t your jam — check out one of these other sweet summer lemonades. They’re perfect for any party. 

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