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The Wegmans Products We Simply Can’t Live Without

As a born and raised upstate New Yorker, I am passionate about a lot of things: Spiedies, apples, garbage plates, salt potatoes, Dinosaur Barbeque, what actually qualifies as “upstate,” but most importantly, Wegmans. My dear, sweet Wegmans. You see, not only is Wegmans the greatest grocery store in the entire world, it is the finest restaurant you will ever dine at, the freshest fish market you’ll ever walk through, the most well-stocked and varied beer shop you’ve ever visited, the sweetest bakery and the most exquisite floral shop you’ve ever seen. It even has a killer home goods section but to spare you approximately 700 words, I’m only going to talk about Wegmans’ food today because their brand name products are too good not to talk about.

Below, you’ll find the 11 products you absolutely must try next time you visit the wonderland that is Wegmans.

Cold brew coffee

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Image: Wegmans.

I’ve tried some of the fanciest, most expensive coffees and I am telling you, none of them compare to this cold brew. If you only try one thing on this list, please make it this coffee.

Cold brew coffee, $4.99 at Wegmans 

Sourdough Miche bread

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Image: Wegmans.

For the longest time, I thought the rosemary olive oil sourdough from Wegmans was about as delicious as bread was ever gonna get (don’t get me wrong, it’s still delicious). But one day, they were out of my go-to carb so I grabbed half a loaf of this instead. I took it home and made a slice of avocado toast, not expecting anything too intense, but when I took my first bite, I couldn’t believe how flavorful it was! Now I buy half a loaf every single week.

Sourdough Miche bread, $6.50 at Wegmans

Sparkling water

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Image: Wegmans.

Seltzer water is really having a moment right now and I have definitely jumped on the bandwagon. I’ve tried just about every brand I’ve come across and while there are lots of good options, Wegmans has the best bang for your buck. They have a ton of amazing flavor options and they’re usually on some kind of sale or discount if you buy four or more boxes at once!

Sparkling water, $2.50 at Wegmans 

Feta cheese

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Image: Wegmans.

I consider myself something of a cheese connoisseur (I technically have no right to, but I do anyway) so let me tell you a little secret. Always buy feta cheese that’s soaking in brine! Always! No exceptions. Crumbled feta is cheap garbage. It’s dry, flavorless and not worth your hard-earned money. OK, rant over.

Wegmans’ feta is some of the best I’ve had (aside from the fresh feta I had in Greece — it can’t be beat) — please go buy it.

In Brine Feta, $3.49 at Wegmans

Mango lemonade

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Image: Wegmans.

Yes, lots of brands offer fruit-flavored lemonade during the summer, but do you know of anyone else offering mango-flavored lemonade? Yeah, me either.

Mango lemonade, $1.99 at Wegmans

Buffalo wing cheddar spread

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Image: Wegmans.

Here’s a short list of things this spread tastes good with:

  • everything.

Buffalo wing cheddar spread, $8.99/lb at Wegmans

Artichoke Asiago cheese spread

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Image: Wegmans.

If you can’t take the heat of the Buffalo spread, this is a fantastic alternative.

Artichoke Asiago cheese spread, $8.99/lb at Wegmans

Pink grapefruit sorbet

OK, I admit, this may not be for everyone but it is my absolute favorite summer treat from Wegmans. It is the perfect balance of sour and sweet and exactly what you need on a hot, humid summer day.

Pink grapefruit sorbet, $3.29 at Wegmans

Vegetable potstickers

Need a quick snack? Semi-healthy lunch? This is it. I highly recommend taking the time to pan fry or steam them instead of sticking them in the microwave, but if that’s all you have time for, they’ll still be delicious.

Vegetable potstickers, $8.99 at Wegmans

Thin crust pepperoni pizza

Families, listen up because this will blow your mind. What if I told you it was possible to buy three pepperoni pizzas for under $10 and they would be the best frozen pizzas you’ve ever tasted? You would call me a liar, right? Well, allow me to prove you wrong with this three-pack of pepperoni pizzas. I love topping them with my leftover veggies before I pop them in the oven so I can tell myself I’m eating a healthy meal.

Thin crust pepperoni pizza family pack, $8.69 at Wegmans

Lobster bisque

I don’t know about you guys, but I am picky about my seafood. I won’t eat anything that is not the best of the best so believe me when I say this lobster bisque is not your average grocery store soup. The buffalo chicken chowder from the soup bar is also highly recommended.

Lobster bisque, $9.49 at Wegmans

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