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Chrissy Teigen & Elizabeth Banks Love Pork Rinds So Much, They Want to Put Them In Their Cookies

Growing up with a Filipino mom, pork rinds were as commonplace in our pantry as potato chips are in most other households. The sound of the snap, crackle, pop when the vinegar hits the crunchy rinds is practically music to my ears. Needless to say, I love pork rinds — but not nearly as much as Chrissy Teigen does. And yesterday, the cookbook author tweeted about pork rind and peanut butter cookies that had another celebrity raising their virtual hand in support of the seemingly polarizing snack: Elizabeth Banks.

Yesterday, Teigen tweeted a Taste of the South recipe for pork rind and peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, simply captioning the tweet: “oh my god. I would like this.”

Shortly after, Banks chimed in, saying, “Wow. Me too.” And so kicked off one of our favorite celebrity interactions on Twitter.

“Oh my god you like pork rinds, too??? I’ve never met anyone who admittedly loves them!!” Teigen responded, to which Banks assured, “Today I ate ham and egg breakfast, BLT lunch and tamarind pork ribs dinner. So a pork rind is right up my alley.”

Teigen has always been vocal about her love of pork rinds. Back in February, Teigen tweeted a photo of her latest favorite snack: Pork Clouds habanero pepper-flavored fried pork rinds that, apparently, have zero grams of carbs.

“Wowowowowwow are you ready for another snack alert because,” she wrote.

For those who don’t know, porks rinds are pig skin fried or roasted in pork fat. Yes, it sounds disgusting, but — and, again, as someone who’s biased and 100 percent in support of pork rinds — they taste good. And clearly pork rinds are finally having their day in the sun. New brands are surfacing, selling “classier” pork rinds in varying flavors, like barbecue and chili lime. And to this we say “bring it on!” because it’s about damn time.

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