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Halo Top Is Releasing Its Most Summery Flavor Yet

When you’re craving a cool, sweet summer treat but don’t feel like getting weighed down with a heavy snack, Halo Top is there. The low-cal, high-protein ice cream alternative has introduced dozens of flavors over the years, and their newest seasonal offering sounds perfect for summer. It’s Key Lime Pie, the pint filled with fluffy, tart lime ice cream.

That’s not all that makes it utterly craveable. Each pint is also swirled with flaky pie crust pieces, crumbly graham cracker bits, and a swirl of meringue to finish things off. It honestly sounds delicious. And though some Halo Top flavors don’t work with the brand’s unique texture, lime, which we’re not used to having in a super rich and creamy style anyway, seems like the perfect match. We want it to be light and refreshing, while still tasting a little more decadent than plain old sorbet or sherbet, and it sounds like Halo Top hit the nail on the head.

Apparently, Key Lime Pie was one of the most requested flavors from customers, so it was finally added to the company’s roster of almost 40 different kinds of ice cream. Does that mean they’re open for *more* requests? I can’t be the only one with a few ideas up my sleeve (I don’t care if “no one else” wants to try my vegan caramel cake bite explosion prototype).

The only thing that might make this new Halo Top flavor better is if it were also dairy-free, joining the comparatively few but very delicious vegan flavors the brand started selling back in 2017 (Caramel Macchiato was a true game-changer for my late night snacking). Alas, making a vegan meringue swirl was probably a little more than the brand wanted to take on — though we hear that aquafaba can do the trick nicely.

Halo Top’s Key Lime Pie will only be here for a limited time. The pints will be hitting store shelves this week, but the flavor will only be available through the end of August, so you might want to stock up once you see it in the freezer aisle.


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