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KFC Is Coming for Taco Bell With A New Chicken Taco Slider — Here’s Where to Get It

One juicy, crispy chicken tender seasoned with a special mayo sauce, topped with three types of cheese and enveloped with whole grain flour: If this chicken taco — what KFC actually calls a chicken slider — sounds too good to resist, well, we have bad news for you. The fried chicken fast food joint’s newest menu item is only available in Japan.

Image: KFC Japan.

Listen, we all love a good taco, but this one might be too adventurous even for us.

KFC’s chicken slider, available for only a limited time, has all the fixings for a typical, soft-shell taco, including topping it with plenty of gouda, cheddar and mozzarella, but it’s the addition of taco meat that has us scratching our heads. A chicken tender and taco meat? Is the taco meat ground beef? Ground turkey? No one knows! I’m more of a one-meat-at-a-time kind of gal, but hey, no judgment if this sounds good to you. 

The chicken slider is priced at 300 yen, or about $2.71. Drop an extra $2, and you can make it a combo, which includes a biscuit and a drink.

Image: KFC Japan.

Delish pointed this out first, and now we can’t unsee it. What’s going on with the hole in the center of that biscuit? It makes us uncomfortable that it looks like the perfect spot to place that honey and yet it’s oddly poured just off to the side and dripping down the biscuit? Are we the only ones bothered by this? Yes? OK, fine; we’ll move on.

If you just so happen to be in Japan, you only have until June 11 to get your hands on the chicken slider, so you better plug KFC into your Google Maps, stat, and get moving.

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